This lifetime is your most important, ever. It is so significant to you and your human evolutionary stream. This must be emphasized again and again in as many ways as possible. The common purpose of your most important lifetime is to live life to the fullest—meaning to fully enjoy responsible eating, working, and loving. To accomplish this purpose, you must make decisions and choices that will balance you-as-soul/spirit.

If you think about your future or your responsibilities to your past- and future selves, you probably seldom include thoughts about your ongoing aging or impending death. It is also understandable if you do not believe that your aging and death form your future lives. However, if you are becoming conscious of the fact that you programmed your incarnated self to break away from tradition, from the consensus or mass consciousness to create new paradigms and pathways which will in turn be passed to and shape future generations, then you may want to pay more attention to yourself for a change. This life is designed to force us to look at and understand ourselves. To do this requires the development of the most difficult self-awareness tool, self-honesty.

If you are a reader searching for answers or relief from your fears of growing old or dying, stop reading the words of others, listen and look within. You have lived and died countless times, so you have your answers, others have their answers, but nobody has anyone else’s answers. It is also probable that you have the training and experience to search within yourself for more answers to even deeper questions. You did not waste all that time and effort between your last death and your present rebirth programming your DNA and practicing your up-and-coming role to just learn to handle your fears. You incarnated to learn consciously and soulfully to focus on and learn to master your thoughts and emotions. Fear has been superseded as humanity’s major evolutionary change agent. It was overcome by your own and the many others’ successes in healing yourself. All these successes act as stepping stones for others to now and into the distant future further their evolution and understand their aging and dying as educational and pleasant experiences which will further your and everyone’s evolutionary goals.

If one of your life purposes is to advance human evolution through the way you change how you age and what you learn from dying consciously, the journey starts with examining, healing, and releasing your fears about aging, dying, and death. These fears can only be found while meditating and contemplating your aging, the stages you will experience during your death, and your death itself. The key is to become conscious of these processes and how you feel about them. This may seem grim and distasteful, but there is no other way to experience the soul-freeing, calming, and enlightening experiences of releasing your fears. It sounds crazy, so why give it a try, the fear you release will all be your own.

You were conceived as a blank slate, with only remnants of your comforts, habits, and senses carried from your newly released soul and spirit worlds. You were conceived, then born fully aware of the worlds you left, but with no concept of what physical life would be like. You were helpless within your physical body, and it took the next twenty or more years to learn how to walk, talk, and think. What you did not know is that as you learned to become a functioning human being you also were learning to forget the spiritual worlds you died to enter this life. As human beings become conscious while experiencing the feared developmental stages of aging, old age, dying, and death, they will eventually learn to change what is the now automatically and instinctively programmed, expected, and agreed-upon rules limiting life span, health, and mental competency.

If you die to this world without knowing what to expect during the process and your experiences on the other side, you will be at an evolutionary disadvantage from those who do. You may have to spend hundreds of years expunging your past physical life instead of learning to live in the soul and spirit worlds. Having an idea of what you need to know when you enter the soul and spirit worlds will help you find the answers you need. If you do not learn to be aware of your unseens in this life you will not be aware of them in your life between death and rebirth. One of the reasons we incarnate is to learn how and why we believe our own beliefs, suffer the consequences, and eventually learn to listen to our intuition and our other forgotten spiritual abilities along. For most of us, these forgotten abilities are working their way to our conscious awareness right on time just like we programmed them to.

One way to examine aging and death is to start at conception and birth. Much of my therapeutic work was spent examining what I call the WombTime, the moment of conception to the moment of birth’s first breath. I noticed that human beings are seldom conceived carrying with them anything about their past lives. It is a general rule that no beliefs, remembrances, or human understanding can accompany them when they slide through the vortex of conception, so they enter as blank slates. If one thought, that one bit of a past life was to enter with soul/spirit, that past life would rule this life, because the memories of that life would be stronger than the fetus’ will to develop according to its designs and the fetus would be flooded with the memories, thoughts, and feelings of that past life before it could develop its own. By reliving your conception, WombTime, and birth you may learn why you fear or resist aging and death.

The etheric soul/spirit being, at the moment of conception, imbues its essence into the merged seed of mother and father and from that moment there is life, but until soul/spirit chooses to fully enter its creation there is no soul/spirit life. The soul/spirit time span for this choice is from conception to four days after birth. Life and death during this time are totally up to the soul/spirit who chooses life or death as a human being — no one else has the power to do that. It is the soul/spirit which chooses to be aborted, experience stillbirth, or dies as an infant. Others offer the means which soul/spirit can choose, but it is always soul/spirit which, on levels and for reasons consciousness is unable to comprehend, chooses between life and death every moment of its life.

The body is not the soul/spirit being and the being is not the body; they are as different as the sun and the moon. From the moment of conception, even as the body is being created, it begins to age, while the soul/spirit begins its involvement at its desired accelerated pace. As the soul/spirit evolves and the physical body it inhabits ages, its consciousness notices changes in its body due to aging. It is then that aging becomes negative and in decreasing increments the opposite of the concept of youth. Once realized, aging can become a problem in fulfilling one’s life purposes which in turn can limit this most important life’s evolution potentials.

As a younger man, I viewed the aging potentials from a false sense of probables which worked in theory but failed miserably on the physical plane. I no longer believe that present human beings are capable of maintaining the focus needed to consciously hold death at bay until a choice to enter the world between death and rebirth is made. I now understand that the present density and evolutionary level of human beings are compelling them to create, invent, and develop the skills and understandings which will eventually become second nature to future generations. An aging person can be healthy or sick, flexible, or disabled, conscious, or demented. States and conditions are choices, not curses. Everything in life is due to your choice. You either create your world or create yourself in someone else’s world. You choose, but most of the time your choices are decided by your unconscious mind which to your consciousness has no idea what your present circumstances require for you to be happy, prosperous, and loved. It is time for us to become conscious and aware, not just present.

I encourage everyone to see what they see, not to attempt to see what other people see. This is a problem in the metaphysical movement, the students try to mimic what they think a teacher sees, feels, senses, and experiences. The teacher should remind the student that they programmed themselves with all the information and knowledge needed for them to see, feel, sense, experience, or whatever they set their life purposes to accomplish during their lifetime.

I do not claim expertise on anything, but having been raised as a metaphysician, I live and observe life with a particular interest in the developmental stages of soul and spirit, not as a part of me, but as me. Metaphysically, that means that I am interested in the spiritual evolution of all my lives, past, and future because at this moment there is only me, as in your moment there is only you. Given this scenario, if I do not fix what is wrong with me, who will? And who will fix what is wrong with you but you? Our evolution is up to us, we have help from our angels and unseen friends, but life always ends in death and aging is a chosen hallway leading to the only door we must walk through alone. When you think you are getting old you enter aging and if you think that you do not think you are aging, you are already in that hallway. That door, death should be contemplated during a life that is lived to its fullest.

Life offers us so many experiences and if you have chosen to age you have chosen to experience even more. As I understand it, each of us agreed to certain chores to accomplish during our lifetime. Some call these chores life purposes. These life purposes are soul/spirit responsibilities and our individual/spiritual contributions to either the evolution or devolution of humankind. If you live to experience the aging processes which include our physical, emotional, and mental bodies then how you age and choose to die is within your purpose. A very important life purpose of all of those who experience aging is how they change what is expected from the consensus.

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