The AM & PM Inner Child Recording Scripts – Male

Many of the experiences and feelings you will sense and experience while meditating with the AM Inner Child recording will be useful to you as you prepare yourself to fall asleep using your PM Inner Child recording. At night when you are ready to fall asleep, quickly review the day that you have just completed. During your review allow your body to begin to relax into the most comfortable position that you can find. Notice your feelings and turn on the PM Inner Child Recording. Slowly move your attention from your thoughts to your physical body sensations and as you focus on your body sensations begin to think of your childhood.

Try not to think of any incident but let your mind wander watching the images and the thoughts that flow through your mind as you feel any tension or tightness, heaviness, or lightness in your body. Think of the schools that you attended, the places that you played, and the people that you knew and allow your body sensations to connect to the child that you were. Think of the bedrooms that you slept in and the places where you spent other nights. As you allow your mind to flow over these thoughts while feeling the sensations in your body your mind will begin to focus on a particular place where you spent a night when you were a child. It does not matter how old you were, your body sensations will connect you to the child that you were when he felt much the same feelings in his body as he was falling asleep that you are feeling in your body now as you are preparing to fall asleep.

You may find yourself outside of the home that you were in at that time. You may see the home or you may just feel that you know the home. Allow whatever happens to happen as you let your body sensations search for the child that you were, your ‘inner child’ to call you connected to the feelings that he feels that are similar to the feelings that you feel. Go to him, in his bedroom or wherever he is sleeping tonight, and as you stand beside his bed take a moment to allow the bedroom to unfold around you as you attempt to see the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and the furnishing all around you. The more that you see or that you feel, the more that your trip back into your ‘inner child’s’ time and space will matter to you and to him.

This is a feeling exercise, not a thinking one. This evolutionary epoch that we are flowing through emphasizes thought and mind so your tendency will probably be to think of a home, a hall, or a room. Thinking narrows your choices to one, while feeling activates all your memories of all your bedrooms, halls, or homes. What pops into your head counts and usually what pops into your head is nothing like you would think should be there.

Practice being there without thought will take time, but as you repeat this meditation you will begin to understand how you see the past, and how you feel that past. Do not worry about what you are not doing, allow yourself to ‘be’ and pay attention to what you are doing. You may see clearly. You may not see anything at all. You may feel being there, but as you allow yourself to feel, pictures will form in your mind and you will eventually see with your inner eyes. You will very seldom see as clearly as your outer sense of sight would see if you were looking at a room with your physical eyes. Allow your abilities to see with your inner eyes without expectation and without thinking. You may see or feel things that you remember from memory, from pictures that you have seen, or maybe even from movies or television. Let whatever comes, come without judgment, without thought.

When you feel that you are fully in the room with your ‘inner child,’ wake him gently and whisper with your internal voice that you are his future self and that you have come to be with him tonight. Tell him that you have come to allow him to sleep throughout the night feeling safe and loved. Smell his hair, feel his skin, and when he allows you to lay down next to him, just like you are laying on your bed in your time and your space feel his body next to yours. (A special pillow placed next to your body in your time and space will help you when you start doing this meditation to feel him next to you.) Eventually, you will neither need the pillow nor the recording, both are guides and props for you to stay focused and learn the rhythm and the procedure of identifying a particular time into which your ‘inner child’ calls you as well as the methods of traveling back into time to the space where he is waiting for you to come and make him feel safe and loved.

Do not bring him to your bed in your time and space. Always go to his time and space and sleep next to him. After you do this meditation enough, when you do not need the recording and you are familiar with traveling back in time and space, if the child asks sometimes it may be advantageous for him to visit you, but do not make this a regular occurrence. Your world is too complex for him and he needs safety and love in his world, not in your world.

In the morning when you meditate with the AM Inner Child recording take a moment to think of your impending day. Use the feeling your body is experiencing and return to your ‘inner child’ to spend the day with him. That meditation will end when you take him to his safe place and tuck him into bed for a night of safe, peaceful sleep in his ideal life. When you meditate the fifteen minutes in your AM and the same amount of time in your PM you will have spent the entire day and night with your ‘inner child’ in his world and he will become more relaxed and feel safer than he has ever felt. In a very short time, your ‘inner child’ will forget about the place that you remember growing up for his world will be the safe place or the ideal probable life that you have chosen for him. He will learn to trust again, to love again. He will know at the deepest core of his being that he is safe and secure. Children are adaptive and it will take no time at all for him to trust that you, as an adult, are there for him and that he is safe and secure.

When your ‘inner child’ feels safe and secure in his world you will feel safe and secure in your world. That is a spiritual law and that law is your law.


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