The inner child recordings are listed as general, female, and male. The scripts for the male and female tapes are the same except for their gender orientations. The general recordings are orientated toward both genders.

Most of the scripts of the recorded meditations are included. You should read about the subliminals included in the meditations to understand why they are included and to review the subliminal scripts.

The inner child recordings are short—fifteen minutes or less but true total relaxation recordings should be longer. Eventually, that time can be shortened, but to begin with, long meditations are best. It usually takes three to four hours for the body to relax fully after falling asleep but only fifteen to forty-five minutes to achieve the same level using relaxation recordings. Relaxation recordings keep your active mind busy listening to the words instead of your inner dialogue which usually just upsets you and could be a reason that meditation has difficulty becoming part of your everyday activities.

Read the articles offered in the menus before attempting to meditate using the recordings and make sure that you are acquainted with your inner child’s world and how to get there before attempting any contact. Your inner child must respect you.  Open to your multidimensional self until you can touch her, smell her hair, and feel the child’s warmth. You are your inner child and yet your inner child needs your help.

I will be adding more recordings, scripts, and information as I can.

Watch for relaxation and meditation, clearing Body and Soul, and cleansing of house and home recordings.


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