There is a wind that is blowing, brushing against us all, leaving us with some vague sense that something is missing inside of us. We search for masters, teachers and guides to mold us and show us the way. But where are the masters, teachers and guides? A few remain but with all of the seekers they are becoming ever more difficult to reach. The teachers of old are almost all gone. Some of their words are preserved on film, in books and on tapes. Many of these words warn of the pitfalls of the modern world, but most are unable to teach us how to deal with this modern age. The teachers that we seek are within us and they reside within the very real worlds of non-ordinary reality. These teachers are our High Self, Soul and Spirit. They are every past life that we have ever lived, every future life that we are about to live. And they are the beings who wait to help us if we can become aware of them in their reality.
Most people picture a shaman as old, wrinkled, kind and caring. They are seen as indigenous, poor and, above all, wise–yet usually unfamiliar with the ways of the modern world. Drums, chanting, the smell of campfire smoke and strange herbs, healing concoctions and incantations come to mind as well as soul retrieval, stalking and shape changing. These pictures jangle when one tries to sweep them into the modern Information Age with its fast-paced multi-media culture. Most people would agree that they are two different worlds which demand different sets of skills.
The shaman of yesterday would be, roughly speaking, the doctors, lawyers and corporate leaders of today. They were leaders but they were more–they had some special power, a connection to the spiritual. They learned to fine tune their intuition, creativity and imagination and they learned to use non-ordinary reality to solve the problems inherent in their earth-based ordinary reality. The old and the new worlds are different, as different as the earth and the moon. Mankind has evolved, the earth has changed, ordinary reality is thousands of times more complex, noisy and confusing than it used to be and we are in danger of being engulfed by an ever-growing mound of information which increases daily. It is imperative that we develop those skills that the wise shaman possessed and that we employ them in ways that go beyond what they knew.

It is the shaman who understands and uses the inner senses to navigate the many and varied dimensions beyond his/her physical world. Each of us can learn to become our own shaman by opening and fine-tuning the inner senses. As we move into the new century, shamanism will become more important than ever, a new more personal shamanism which uses new techniques to enter the increasingly accessible worlds of non-ordinary reality. The veils are thinning and people are finding that they can walk between worlds more easily than ever in order to learn more about themselves and to positively affect their daily lives. The shaman knows that if he/she enters another higher or lower world and changes the reality there, then the reality in the physical world will also be altered — everything is interconnected. And, similarly, all time is simultaneous and all events are actually happening in the present moment. Therefore, we can contact and change past or future or parallel lives and, by doing so, affect our present life. The 21st Century Shaman can learn to use shamanic technique to navigate time and space to positively alter the course of his/her reality.
Many who are on the spiritual path are feeling an urgency about their lives to “get it right”. What they are sensing is the calling of their souls to complete the lessons that will bring them full circle, to a sacred close of the reincarnational cycle/circle. The lessons and path that each person must walk to reach completion is totally unique. We can follow a map that someone else has laid out, a map that may have worked for that entity, but will it lead to our own highest path and the attainment of the personal vision our soul holds for us? It is important to our soul and our soul’s development that each of us go within and learn to explore the many worlds, including the subconscious/unconscious realms. If we can fully understand the multi-faceted aspect of who we are in this lifetime and beyond, we can become our own most trusted guides and teachers. To “know thyself” is to be empowered to step into our own personal destiny and to walk fully between worlds to carry that destiny out with the greatest assurance and elegance.
We are all multidimensional beings living in a physical world that is connected to many non-physical worlds. They cannot be seen or known with our physical senses, yet they are every bit as vibrant and real as the world that we touch, taste, smell, hear and see. In the course of evolution we have, in the physical world, focused on our outer senses to the point that we no longer remember that we have inner senses, much less, how to use them. It is the use of these inner senses which allows us to view and interact with the multidimensional worlds which abound all around us.

Historically the shaman used his/her non-physical inner senses in order to enter non-physical reality, usually working within specific tribal traditions and most often traveling the realms of the astral world. Most often the shaman has resided within the context of an agrarian or hunter-gatherer society and still today the majority of traditional shaman live largely outside the influence of the Industrial or Information Ages. In the past, shamanic work has often been limited in scope of practice because it was location specific. For most of us, the traditional techniques of old do not easily fit into our daily lives resulting in weekend or workshop shamanism. But shamanism can play such a vital and important role in our everyday lives that we need to learn how to carry it with us no matter where we are. This calls for new techniques that easily work in our daily lives.
We are now living in the Information Age with information growing exponentially to the point that we are in danger of being overwhelmed and overrun by it. If we continue to use only our five physical senses to sort and sift through all of the information increasingly available to us, decision-making will become an ever more cumbersome endeavor. With runaway expansion of information, we will be required to make more decisions at a faster and faster pace. If we learn to use the inner senses we will be able to bypass the complex pile of information and rapidly find our answers from other sources such as our intuition, high self, spirit guides, etc. By opening shamanistically to our inner senses, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips–personal, global and multi-dimensional.