Service-To-Self Vs. Service-To-Others

Excerpt from: Angels and Your Other Unseen Friends


Chapter 3 – Part 2 – Your Guardian Angel and Helper Angels Page 117 – 121

There have been two types of third-dimensional human beings cohabitating on the earth throughout her long life. They are commonly known as light and dark beings or to be more definitive, good, and bad people. The light, good, or luminous beings evolve by serving others more than themselves, while the dark, bad, or evil beings evolve by servicing only themselves. This group of self-focused beings harms the group evolving toward the light to advance their evolution, while the light beings evolve by developing balance, responsibility, and peace. These distinctive traits separate the two groups; they likewise travel different evolution paths destined in the distant future to divide even further into two different vibrational worlds, each devoid of the other.

The members of each group were in general created at the same time by the same Goddess/God and both groups are evolving, one toward Goddess/God and the other toward the dark, away from Goddess/God. Those who have chosen to evolve toward the light are known as service-to-other beings while those separating themselves from the light are service-to-self beings. One of the best ways to explain this is through numbers which our minds can understand, but since all behavior, feelings, thoughts, and their consequences are multidimensional, the numbers should not be used beyond this explanation. On a percentage basis, the service given to others from service-to-other beings should be around fifty-two to fifty-four percent, while serving themselves forty-six to forty-eight percent.

Service-to-others evolve by taking care of themselves and others. Caring for oneself on a spiritual level translates as loving oneself. The true internalization of loving oneself is the zenith of a human being’s evolution, that when reached transforms consciousness into a soul-being, the service-to-others next evolutionary step along the path of spiritual physical incarnation. This opened us to wisdom and enlightenment, which lead to spiritually loving, serving, and caring for others more than oneself.

Because the service-to-others within this universe are designed to learn from free-will exploration, reaching these percentages consistently denotes the level of one’s evolution. This balance of serving others and maintaining our safety, abundance, health, and welfare is harder than it seems because most of us tend to help others while neglecting ourselves. We focus on loving others and refuse to love ourselves. These scenarios crumble as a person becomes aware of being conscious, a state which every service-to-other being is experiencing in their way and time whether they are incarnated or living in between death and rebirth.

Mother Earth is a vibratory being who also seeks balance, so she is unable to tolerate a population that exceeds ten percent service-to-self beings. Normally the number of service-to-other beings ranges in the lower to mid-ninety percentile of the human incarnated inhabitants. If you are reading this book, you are very likely a human being maintaining your welfare while helping others in your ways, more than you do yourself. If you do, you are a service-to-other being who is becoming aware of your being conscious. Becoming aware is something we all agreed to do during this lifetime, but many still alive today have chosen to postpone full awareness until a future lifetime, a choice this book was written to discourage.

The universe was created to give us, the service-to-others, a home where we could evolve into the conscious creator gods Goddess/God created us to become. We were created as part of All That Is. We experienced that creation in ways similar to the attachment our physical bodies have toward our birth mothers. We are learning to become the stewards of All That Is and since we are training to become part etheric gods, part physical beings, we will eventually be able to understand our responsibilities on a multidimensional level.

Those who chose to become service-to-self beings split from Goddess/God’s intent with the belief that active force against the light makes things happen. They have attached themselves to the evolution cycles which culminate in a king-of-the-mountain scenario where one being triumphs over all others. They will remain in that rat race to the finish, each thinking that he or she will be the One. They are the angry children of Goddess/God who are attempting to become creators without the responsibility we service-to-other beings are learning on our path. Some from each side are taking advantage of the open doorways between the two paths which are slowly closing. When closed, members of both groups will no longer be able to switch their affiliations and those who have switched must remain on their chosen path until they learn the lessons required of them by that path’s evolutionary momentum. Service-to-others will continue this learning and evolving process in human understanding forever. The service-to-self beings do not have a very exciting future. As each being recedes into the dark, it will slowly disintegrate back to its buried soul and over-extended spirit, then down to its unit of consciousness level until all parts return with joy to their Source.

You live in a world of duality. For this reason, you should understand the methods available which will keep you safe and protected from most uninvited influences. Self-protection is the only real protection you have from any unwanted outside energies. As you become consciously aware, you will more clearly understand the power of self-protection along with an awareness that you and all conscious service-to-others are far more powerful than any service-to-self being is now or ever will be. It seems that we are the most vulnerable in our physical forms to outside physical beings and objects, but since we create our reality, we choose how and when to exercise our vulnerability: we can either allow ourselves to become physically vulnerable or take charge of our reality and learn to create what we desire.

There is a fundamental difference in basic intent between service-to-other and service-to-self beings. Service-to-other beings are constantly expanding, changing, and evolving with their focus on the light because to them there is a difference between inside and outside. As physical beings, we evolve by changing ourselves inside, often because of our experiences with those things outside. Evolution happens inside, not out. The service-to-self beings seek power and control over all things, so everything is outside, and since each of them believes they are the center of the universe, they use control, manipulation, and domination to gather everything outside to themselves. By doing this they do not evolve; they devolve and become increasingly rigid and unyielding. They also seem to be remarkably skilled, but most of them use their resources to bully and force outside objects and people to comply with their desires. To them, chaos is harmonious because it confuses the service-to-other beings, while all the while they are constantly drawing in and stifling all the facets of their own lives and environments.

Service-to-self and service-to-other beings are very different not only in intent but in karma. As service-to-others evolving toward the light, we are expected to make mistakes and learn from them. We hurt ourselves and others and we eventually learn not to harm others and to love ourselves. We have all been thieves, we have cheated and killed and betrayed. We have all done even worse things to others and we all have had them done to us multiple times during our many lifetimes. The service-to-self beings want to explore those parameters to their inevitable conclusion: the absolute control of the One. The service-to-other beings are about to take an evolved step up and forward to begin a transformation from human beings to self-aware, conscious soul beings. This will not be the result of a two-week seminar; it will take generations.