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Your Inner Child – the Child That You Are

Despite what most of us think about ourselves as grown-ups or adults, we all acknowledge that down deep inside we are children at heart.

When a man honestly examines herself, she will more often than not find that that child deep down is not so close to her heart, but rather a wounded child who becomes hurt or angry when the grown-up part of her is not acknowledged or does not get her needs met. It is not the adult that is hurt or becomes angry, it is the grown-up child. Adults do not react to such emotions, grown-ups do. Grown-ups are human children who grew into big bodies, adults are human beings who have experienced healthy developmental stages during their maturation stages or in most cases, grown-ups who have become adults through the healing of their “inner child.” There are many grown-ups who have developed personas that make them appear as adults, but there are actually very few adults among us. This booklet is written to explain one way of raising your “inner child” and thus your grown-up self to adult status.


Your Inner Child – the Child That You Were

Most people I talk to about personal growth and individual therapy regard the thought of doing ‘inner child’ work somewhere below wearing dirty old wet socks. They feel that they have been there, done that, and have long since moved on to a number of other more exciting therapies and meditations. These people think that the ‘inner child’ concept was worn out by Transactional Analysis, Bradshaw, and a long list of other therapeutic modalities that were popular a few decades ago. The ‘inner child’ has become part of this culture’s vocabulary, but its real meaning, impact, and importance have slipped into the chaos of our mass consciousness leaving little impact and fewer real personal healings.

Some of the models and therapies that acknowledged the ‘inner child’, treat the ‘inner child’ as if it is inside of the individual like some part or appendage. Others treat the ‘inner child’ as a concept, a developmental cycle that each human being managed to get through before they grew up, a time that they remember fondly or with different levels of anger and resentment which to most has just become a jumbled combination of memory, myth, and pictures. Almost all models and treatments regard the ‘inner child’ as unchangeable, lost in a past time and space which is inaccessible and incomprehensible. As a concept, an inner appendage, or an unchangeable memory most therapeutic models seem to regard the ‘inner child’ as a series of confused memories which need to be reorganized by doing something in present time such as talking, reasoning, acting, swinging bats, painting, or writing with the recessive hand. Others focus on acting out as a grown-up would think their ‘inner child’ would have wanted to behave such as taking fun walks, rewarding themselves with impulse items like teddy bears and ice cream sundays, or allowing themselves to be cared for by someone or themselves in some self-pampering, self-indulging behavior. All these behaviors, allowances, and self-actions do little for one’s ‘inner child,’ They give temporary relief at best and at worse never solve the problem that they promise or are designed to solve. What is fun to a grown-up should not be fun to her ‘inner child’ and what makes that ‘inner child’ happy would be incomprehensible to the grown-up.

All these attempts to make a child like a grown-up or make a grown-up like a child will never solve one single problem in anyone’s present life. It never has nor will it ever in the future. It is impossible to solve a past problem in present time, but that is what most ‘inner child’ work now and for the past fifty or more years has been attempting to do. The multidimensional approach on the other hand can change you in the present time, because such an approach understands that the you that is you now and then you that was you then, your ‘inner child’, have to come together in your child’s time and in your child’s place to fix for her what is not working in your present time. That is the only way that you will change what is not working in your present time. By doing your ‘inner child’ work, both you and your ‘inner child’s lives will change dramatically and positively. Your cooperation and co-creation with your ‘inner child’ will change her life and when her life changes your life changes. When you follow a thread from a body sensation, an emotion, or a thought you will almost always find the place or places where healing can be accomplished in your ‘inner child’s’ life. When an incident or feeling in your ‘inner child’ is healed, you will know, because you will experience that healing.

As you start to understand your ‘inner child’ from a multidimensional perspective a refreshingly honest understanding of how things really work spiritually will begin to emerge. For instance when looking at ‘time’ and how it relates to you the multidimensional perspective that all events in time are happening simultaneously begins to unfold and you become empowered by understanding that you can move in and out of that time in order to change events that adversely affect you and your present life experiences. Since all past, present, and future events are happening simultaneously every event in all your lives is happening now, albeit at different times and in different spaces. The masters of old knew this wisdom. They were taught by the masters before them how to slow time down and travel into the past and they learned to speed time up and travel into the future. Multidimensional ‘inner child’ work uses this ancient knowledge of moving in and out of time and space to change what is undesirable in both realities by changing the negative or traumatic incidents at the time and in the space that they were experienced. By changing your past, your present and future are automatically changed. This does not mean that after your change you return to the same world. The fact is that you have changed and because of your change you return to a different world as a changed woman. The world is not the same and you are not the same. That is one of the most fundamental metaphysical laws.

The first rule of self-empowerment is ‘if something in your reality does not work, fix it’. The second rule is ‘if the method or technique that you are using to fix the problem or trauma does not work, change the method or technique and do something that works.’ The human being is now becoming consciously aware and through awareness, logic, and reason no matter what you do you are unable to solve a problem in present time unless it was created in present time. You must travel back in time and space to find the exact moment and cause of the problem or trauma. The logic will then reason that if you were present in that time and space and you used the circumstances of the moment to solve the incident using your present stage of consciousness with its logic and reason, you could alleviate the pain and suffering that that moment caused in that time and space. It follows then that if the problem was solved in your past you would not feel the consequences in your present, simply because it now never happened to you. You are different from the person that you were before you changed your past and the world is different because in this new world, the pain and trauma did not take place.

The problem with all this consciousness, logic, and reason stuff is how you learn to travel back in time and space and how you use your logic and reason consciously to solve the problem or trauma that affects such things in your present life as intimate and casual relationships, occupational problems of manifesting and creating, and your ability to feel real and honest emotions.

There are many ways, methods, and techniques, but the most effective of these is the ‘inner child’ work. This is because you are working in a familiar space and time. Space and time that is not foreign to you, but that is so you, that you still feel its consequences and those consequences are creating your present negative reality which you feel and sense often through pain and confusion, anger and disappointments. There is no better place for you to start and there is no faster way for you to get there than through your own body sensations, emotions, and thoughts, in a nutshell, your feelings. It is your immediate personal life history that is explored and altered, and it is easy because you are far more aware of yourself than you think.

Much of what is said in the above paragraphs has to do with how you use your mental and physical bodies, but the movement in and out of space and time needs the participation of all four of your bodies. This is another reason why ‘inner child’ work is so important. It is the easiest way to learn to differentiate between your bodies and the simplest way to learn to travel through time and to visit different spaces. ‘inner child’ work is like having your cake and eating it too. You can solve seemingly insurmountable problems and at the same time learn more about who you are actually because you learn skills and discover abilities that would take lifetimes to learn in the so-called mystery schools or the occult or metaphysical training centers. This leads us to the third rule of self-empowerment, in a conscious world of logic and reasoning there are no teachers, no gurus no masters, there is only self and if you do not clean your own clock no one else will, no one else can. Only you can balance yourself because only you know when you are balanced.

I have always looked at ‘inner child’ work as something of a spiritual quality control. If your reality is not what you desire or ask for, you will always feel an uncomfortable feeling radiate through one or more of your four bodies. In the discipline of learning to know and love yourself you must learn to differentiate your feelings from the feelings felt that originate outside yourself. You must also learn to differentiate your bodies from one another as well as learn to differentiate the many sensations that each of your bodies experience. This is very easy because it is your body that you are feeling, you know these feelings intimately, you have just never learned what to do with these feelings, other than an attempt to alleviate the bad feelings and elevate the good feelings. You may have a body sensation of heaviness, lightness, tightness, warmth, or cold. You may feel the uncomfortable feeling as a negative emotion or a confusing or painful thought. But when you do feel these sensations there are only two actions that you can take. You can either react because of the sensations or you can begin to solve them. If you react to the feelings the consequences could range from simple discomfort to personal devastation and possibly even death. If you look to heal the feelings the consequences will range from simple relief to total freedom. Reaction is often a vicious and painful cycle of action, temporary relief, and reaction which can continue for the rest of your life. Even if you learn some coping behavior that keeps you from experiencing the negative situation it remains a potential threat and it will eventually resurface in your life again when you let your guard down. The multidimensional approach would follow a simpler and less extended life of becoming conscious of the problem, identifying the sensations and feelings, following these sensations and feelings until you find the source, and healing the sensations and feelings at their source. Then comes the testing when you place yourself back into the uncomfortable or painful situation again to examine your new feelings. If you solve the sensations they will never return in the same way and often they will never return at all.

Reacting to the sensation unconsciously is unfortunately the most common action taken by most people most of the time. The least common and most effective action is to identify the feeling being experienced by the body or bodies, following that feeling into your past or future using the skills of moving through time and space mentioned above and explained further below. You may find that you have traveled back to a time and space inhabited by your ‘inner child’ or to a past or future life. Wherever you travel, the self that you find at your destination or the place where you first felt or experienced that sensation will be feeling the same feeling you presently feel in your body.

Multidimensionally your ‘inner child’ is alive and breathing. She is a real, soft flesh and breathing, heartbeat-alive being. She is not a thought, not a memory, but alive. She often experiences difficulty breathing and sometimes her little heart seems that it will pop out of her chest, beating so fast and hard because she is often experiencing what you are experiencing, emotions of fear or anger, the mental senses of confusion or disorientation, disillusionment or disappointment. You can feel it in your chest and stomach when you are afraid or angry, often without cause or reason, because she is feeling the same feelings in her body. Your ‘inner child’ is misnamed, she is not inside you, to you, she is you in a past time and a different space. Your ‘inner child’ is the child you were then. She could be the egg or sperm, the fetus, or the newborn. She could be an infant, toddler, or child. She could be the adolescent and sometimes the young adult. Every part of you that created the pain is accessible to you through the physical, emotional, and or mental connection with the child that you were. She is very much influenced by your awareness and consciousness. You on the other hand are more influenced by her body sensations, emotions, and thoughts than you believe or that seems possible.

Your ‘inner child’ is connected to your consciousness that you are by the feelings that you feel. This means that when you feel something painful you are able to consciously follow that feeling back in time to the moment when you as a child are experiencing the same feeling sense of pain. What you feel when you feel your muscles, bones, nerves, and internal organs is what your ‘inner child’ is feeling in her body in her time and space. She may feel that feeling slightly differently because of her interpretation of them because, at certain stages in her development, she did not yet know what these feelings were. She does know that they are uncomfortable or painful, but during most of her earlier years, did not know how to describe them or what to call them. That is where you come in. Often you have to tell your ‘inner child’ what she is feeling and where she is feeling her discomfort because of what you feel, she feels. She will often generalize her feelings, for instance, she may say that her tummy hurts, but you have the training to differentiate feelings. Your inner child’s interpretation is that her tummy hurts, and your interpretation of the feelings is that there is a burning or dead feeling in your solar plexus, mainly on the right side for instance. You will find that if you lightly touch her body where you are feeling your discomfort and ask her specific questions understandable to her given her age, she will agree with you and you will know that she is feeling what you are feeling.


The ‘Inner Child’ AM and PM Recordings

As the you that is a grown-up, and the grown-up that you are becomes the adult, you become conscious, and that conscious you is better able to accept responsibility for the damage done to the you when you were the child. Many of the tools for traveling through time and space can be recovered while working with your ‘inner child’ through the senses of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. The ‘Inner Child’ AM and PM Recordings were designed to use as an aid to help you open a real dialogue with your ‘inner child’ who is as alive and present in her world of time and space as you are present reading this booklet at this moment. When you are able to truly understand or grock this fact you will be able to develop a continuously deepening relationship with that little girl that you were then.

Both meditations guide you back to the places that you recall as a child and through visualization and the feeling states you will learn to actively, and physically protect her and comfort her. As you learn to be there, in her time and space, in your body that you are experiencing in this time and space, you can learn to heal your ‘inner child’ and when your ‘inner child’ is healed, you will be healed in your present time and space. As you learn to touch your ‘inner child’ and feel her flesh with the palms of your hands and your fingertips, as you become aware of putting your head in her hair and smelling her, and as you truly feel the tickle of her hair on your cheek and the warmth coming from her body, you will regain spiritual knowledge and abilities that have been all but forgotten as were the mystery schools which taught them.

Your ‘inner child’ work will rekindle your lost senses and teach you how to move in and out of time and space. You do not need a guru, you do not need years of study in some isolated place. All you have to do is begin to follow your body sensations, your emotions, and your thoughts by looking at what you decide is not working in your life and following those discomforts back to your own ‘inner child.’ It is there that you will find the answers, and discover the healing techniques that will set you on the road to self-empowerment and true freedom.

The Inner Child AM and PM Recordings were designed as interactive audio/subliminal meditation recordings. While listening to these recordings the audio-guided meditation acts to introduce you to ways to interact with the child that you were then, your ‘inner child,’ to the you who is conscious now, in this time and space. The subliminal messages are not meant to be audible to your consciousness because they were designed to address your subconscious and unconscious minds. Both of these minds hear and respond to the inaudible sounds of which your conscious mind is unaware. The subliminal messages [Link] also address your ‘inner child.’ Each subliminal message and how it is used are listed at the end of this article.

Each recording is designed to gently return you to the world of your ‘inner child’, the world where you grew up. They are not recordings that you listen to, they are recordings that you interact with. Your awaking work for the AM recording and your slumbering work with the PM recording will affect you on various subconscious and unconscious levels as well as teach you spiritual skills such as traveling in and out of time and space, shape-shifting into the beings and forms that you were during your developmental stages from your conception through and including your young adulthood. You may discover your soul’s purpose and even discover your innate ability to consciously move in and out of your past lives and future lives. As you learn to change your past and future you will discover that you are able to gauge your success and accuracy by examining what changes take place in your present reality.


Blueprints, Destiny, and Your Greater Purpose

As you work with your ‘inner child’ to change those things that traumatically altered your destiny and life’s purpose when you were that child, you reconnect to your original incarnational blueprint. As you reconnect you will start to experience your destiny or where your actions began to make a difference.


Your Inner Child’s Safe Place

Your inner child’s safe place is the ideal place for your “inner child” to grow up. It is the place where you can learn the skills that you need in your life. This child can be trained in ways that will help you in your occupation, relationship, and creative life. As soon as the child learns something, you know that thing.

As you work with the AM and PM Inner Child Recordings you will find yourself and your ‘inner child’ developing new ways of interacting and communicating with one another. These recordings are designed to give you a structure to help you develop your relationship with the child that you were. Once a relationship is developed many things not covered in the original recording may happen between you and your ‘inner child.’ Remember, your ‘inner child’ will recognize and trust you before you recognize and trust her. As you begin this inner journey there are a few points that you should keep in mind in order to enhance the trust and love that must and will develop between you and your ‘inner child.’

Always: Go to her world. Do not bring her into your grown-up or adult world.

Upon meeting your ‘inner child’ tell her, “I am your future self and I have come to you from that future because you called.”

Be a compassionate listener and friend. Learn to listen to her without comment. Listen to her without even thinking of a comment.

Listen especially for those things which the child wants and then always give your ‘inner child’ what she wants, (within reason).

Never: Tell your ‘inner child’ what to do. Do not become a parent or an authoritarian grown-up to your ‘inner child’. She certainly does not need another grown-up in her life. If you become another bossy parent to her that could be the final blow in turning her off to authority figures during her and thus your present life.

Remember, you are in the process of co-creating alternate realities with your ‘inner child,’ the child that you were when you made these decisions without the help of an adult you. Pay attention to detail. If your child wants to go to the movies, buy toys, or have her own room, then you can assist the child by giving her those things. If your child was bullied by the big kid on the block, then you can act as her guardian and prevent the bullying. Fulfill any wish, within reason. Most of all, involve your ‘inner child’ in your life by telling her what you are doing and what you are thinking of doing. Ask her for her opinion. Give her a voice.


A General Script of the AM Inner Child Recording

Below is a general script of the AM Inner Child Recording and the instructions that you should read before you do the meditation. Read this over as much as you need before doing the meditation so that you will be able to do the meditation without thinking about it.

In the morning immediately after you wake, when you are still in a half-wake/half-sleep mode, or what is best known as the hypnogogic state, start the recording and begin the most important 15 minutes that you will spend during your day. This 15 minutes of your time translates into one full day to the child that you were. She will spend her day with an adult who acknowledges her and loves her. Each repetition lifts a bit more confusion and mistrust, a little more weight of emotion off your ‘inner child.’ And, as weight and negative emotions are lifted from the child that you were, they will be lifted from you. Each time that you successfully complete this meditation you will feel a bit safer, and a bit more secure as the person that you are.

You are gently reminded to stay awake as you think about your upcoming day. Whom will you meet? Where will you go and what will you do? As you begin to think about your day your body will begin to tighten or tense, relax or calm according to the response that your body elicits because of your thoughts. You may feel a tightening of muscles in your legs or arms or in other parts or muscles in your body. You may feel your solar plexus tighten or your heart feels heavy. You will be gently reminded to notice the changes and how they feel in your body.

You will be encouraged to consciously feel the feelings that you are experiencing while you are beginning to relax by focusing on the difference in the feelings that you experience when you think about the day you are about to begin.

As you focus on these feelings you will be asked to think about your home when you were a child. If you see or feel many places allow your mind to show you the pictures or images. Just watch what is given, your mind will very quickly show you the picture that you need to see. If you lived in more than one place, allow your mind to take you to the place where you need to be. You may see images or think of an incident in your life having to do with a particular place. You may just feel or sense that you are in a particular place and a particular time. You may not sense or feel, you may just know that you are someplace in your past.

When you focus on the body feelings that you feel when you are thinking about your day, your subconscious and unconscious mind will recall one of the top three times in your past when your ‘inner child’ felt almost the exact feelings and body sensations that you are feeling in your body as you focus now. One of the easiest ways to learn to travel back in time and space is to become aware of the body sensations and feelings that you and your ‘inner child’ share. All you need to know is that if you are feeling feelings such as depression, sadness, or confusion your ‘inner child’ is feeling the same feeling or feelings in her time and space. She may not feel in the exact same way and she will not be able to differentiate as well as you, but she is feeling the exact same feelings, and once you are aware of your feelings you are able to travel to the time and space where your ‘inner child’ is feeling the same. Only when you make this journey through time and space where you are actually there in her time and space can you truly solve such feelings and emotions. All other ways are coping mechanisms which are denial mechanisms and denial mechanisms are disasters waiting to happen. When you solve the situation for your ‘inner child’, the situation in your life will be solved. That is a spiritual law, which is the law that states that problems cannot be solved in present time and space if they were not created in present time and space.

When you are experiencing painful feelings and uncomfortable body sensations they are your round-trip tickets to visit your ‘inner child.’ They are calls to help her and you release the pains and confusions that you have felt all or most of your life but have been unable to release and heal. They are the experiences that can be traced back to the time when your emotions as the child that you were, were frozen within because the child that you were was unable to solve the problem for herself. It is here where negative or conflicting belief systems were created. Tracing them back to their place of origin gives you the opportunity to heal your ‘inner child’ in her time and when you heal her in her time you are automatically healed in your time.

While you are learning to travel back in time and space you are learning the fundamentals that you can eventually use to follow your body sensations, emotions, and thoughts into your past, future, split, parallel, or probable lives. It is there, as you learn to clear the dramas and traumas in those lifetimes, where great wisdom and knowledge can be reclaimed with little or no effort on your present consciousness or time constraints. These found treasures are not gifts, but hard-earned skills and abilities that your ancient self-stored throughout your countless lifetimes. You as Soul and Spirit buried these great treasures in the DNA you inherited from your parents, in your Soul memory, and in your different levels of consciousness before you entered this lifetime. When you think about it, really contemplate it, where else and how else would you as Soul and Spirit store these treasures if you are supposed to be born as a blank slate and at the same time retain the soul and spirit tools you are to work with in this lifetime? You will discover that these are but some of the ways that you as a Soul and Spirit stored your needed tools and secrets in order that you would reclaim them when you gained enough consciousness in this life. Once reclaimed and resurrected, these tools and secrets must be transformed from the old to the new, into skills and abilities that you are able to use in your present conscious reality creation. Most of them are useless unless or until you are able to transform them.


Finding Yourself In Front of Your House or Home

At first, when you are lying in bed listening to the AM recording, you will probably use your head to think about being in front of a house or place where you grew up, but eventually, you will just see or feel a place where you grew up and you will notice that you will do this without thinking about it. When you do this, you will probably be surprised, but try to stay away from the thought that you are making it up by remembering a picture or image. Go with what you see or feel and drop the thought. You will often need to use thought to get someplace, but once there, train yourself to switch to what you are feeling, your emotions, and your body sensations. You will feel your body on the bed, but you will also feel your body standing in front of your house or home when you were a child. You will always feel your body on your bed more than you will feel your body standing in front of the house or home because your body on your bed houses all your sense organs. When you are standing in front of your house or home you are beginning to use your inner or lost senses, the senses of your astral body and your soul. These sensations are more subtle than your physical body sensations, but as you learn to differentiate them from your physical sensations you will be learning to differentiate the two worlds that you are in at one time. Being conscious of your presence in two worlds at one time is a huge step in developing your spiritual skills.

Try not to focus on detail. Detail will eventually become more defined, but remember that your ‘inner child’ may not have focused much on details so therefore the details may not be that important. The child may not have focused on the details of form and substance like you have trained yourself to do, but she did know how to get into the house or home. As you feel your feelings and body sensations or as you look at the picture or sense the feelings that you feel about that time in your past you are present in two worlds. The world where you are feeling yourself awake and aware that you are on your bed and aware that you are standing in front of a place where you spent last night as your ‘inner child’ in her time and space. Always take a moment to feel the slight weight of your body pressing down on your feet and legs. Sense the weather and the temperature. Pay attention to what you are standing on, pavement, grass, or ground. Feel, sense, imagine, see everything that you are able to, and then try to sense more. Practice consciously being there by doing everything that you are able to do to keep yourself from thinking that you are there. Thinking takes you away from feeling and denies you the reality of actually being there. Thinking will rob you of true releasing and healing.

See the sun just coming up over the horizon as you stand looking at this home. Notice yourself standing in front of the home just as you are going to be when you get out of bed and start your morning—clothed and comfortable. As you feel yourself standing in front of the home feel the slight weight of your body pressing so lightly down on your feet. Pay attention to how your weight is distributed through your torso, hips, legs, and feet. Feel how you shift from side to side, front and back, balancing as you stand there looking at all the detail of this home. Be there by feeling that you are there.

See as much exterior detail as you are able, then walk into your inner child’s home. If you walk up or down stairs feel your legs bending, your muscles relaxing and contracting. Feel yourself walking through the home to the child’s bedroom or sleeping place. When you find your ‘inner child,’ gently wake her and sit next to her. Feel the child. Touch the child if she will let you. Put your head in her hair and smell her. Smell the room, remember the smell of this sleeping place that you used to sleep in when you were her. Feel her, smell her. Then, ask, “If you could do anything that you want, what would you want to do?”

Clean her or let her clean herself if she is old enough to do so and then dress her for the occasion or if she is old enough to dress herself. Sit there while she dresses. Tell her how handsome she is, how smart she is, how wonderful she is. Tell her all the things that you would have liked to hear when you were her. Feed her or let her feed herself if she is old enough. You do not have to spend much time doing this and you do not have to go into much detail. In fact, just let the thought pass through your head and feel as much as you are able when you go through the motions of cleaning, dressing, and feeding her. Avoid detail unless the detail is needed in order for her to feel better about herself such as feeling clean when you were not cleaned properly, dressing if you were not dressed as well as you wanted, or feeding her nutritionally if you were not fed correctly.

When she is cleaned, dressed, and fed, take her wherever she wants to go. Take her there. Remember, most of the time that you go see your ‘inner child’ she will be young. Young children do not want to do anything but play, some may want to do more, but not much more because they do not yet have much experience. Around the neighborhood or down to the park is about as far as most children want to go. To them, there is not much beyond their safe little world. Feel yourself in the place that she wants to go. If your ‘inner child’ wants to go to the backyard and play hide and seek or if she wants to go to Disney World, take her there. Use your imagination, use your creativity, and make the backyard real, make Disney World real. Use your Lemurian will and your Atlantean memory to be in that backyard or to be at Disney World.

As a general rule do not touch the child until the child first touches you or invites you to hold her hand, etc. When you do touch the child, touch her appropriately, constantly telling her that you are her future self and that you have come to help her, to make her life easier and more fun. Feel your body there next to her body, feel her warmth, not of heat but of her presence. Feel your hands touching the child appropriately.

Again, make every visit a special day. Help your child pick out the clothes she wants to wear and if she asks you to help, help her dress. If she does not have the right clothes then you are able to snap your fingers and take her to a clothing store to buy her new clothes. Use your angel credit card to purchase anything that she wants, for in this world you will never receive a bill. You have the where with all to give her anything, anything that she may want because she will want what you wanted when you were her. Let her decide what she wants, don’t decide for her. This is her childhood, you had yours and now you are helping her have what she wants. Remember, when she is satisfied you will be satisfied. It is the feeling that you are looking to change and when she changes you change, for when you change the past as you are doing with her help when you feel and experience giving her what she wants and helping her to release the negative feelings and emotions the negative feelings and emotions will change in you. When she is ready, take your ‘inner child’ out for the day.

Visualize and feel yourself there, as if you are really there, in the flesh, touching the floor or pavement or grass. Smelling the smells and seeing the sky or the ceiling above you. Pay attention to the detail and the feelings that you are experiencing. Use your imagination when you must. Your ‘inner child’ lives in her imaginal realms for much of her childhood as most children do, so use your imagination. It is important that you use your imaginal realms as she does, as you did when you were her, by feeling what you imagine. Do not just think it.

Notice the sun at high noon as you continue the enjoyment of playing, walking, or talking with your ‘inner child.’ As you look up, visualize that the sun is above you. From the moment that you walked into her sleeping place and started preparing her to do what she wants to do, to this moment when the sun is overhead. This is but a few minutes in your time, but it is all morning in her time. This is one of the wonders about working with your ‘inner child,’ she is spending real time in her reality with you. To her, that real-time is actual hours in her world, while you are spending minutes of your real-time with her. She is getting from you what you always wanted, someone to pay attention to you. This is real, it is not make-believe or fantasy, to her it is real, to you, it must be real. Make the most out of it by making it real. Feel, touch, sense, be there, and pay attention to her and her world.

Notice the sun setting and ask her if she would like to go to a wonderful place where she will feel free and loved. Do not go into detail here. It is not a choice that she has to make, just ask her and then take her there. During this part of the meditation, you will be taking her to the ideal world, into the ideal house, inhabited by the ideal parents where she will experience an ideal life. A life that will insure her a carefree, stress-free environment where she will be able to grow up to become what here blueprint and her life’s purpose were designed to create for her. You are not competing with anything or anyone that you love or admire when you grew up. You are creating the ideal world for her, your ‘inner child,’ to experience so she can become all that she could possibly become. When she grows up and becomes all that he could, you will become all that you possibly could become.

This seems hard to understand and difficult to comprehend, but it is a spiritual law and you are learning to change what you were and what happened to you that kept you from becoming what you wanted to become and much more, what you were supposed to become. You are learning to travel back in time to the space where you were a child, taking that child out of the environment that eventually created you as you are now, and placing her into an ideal environment that will nurture her and create her as she was supposed to be. This booklet repeats this over and over again, in different ways and using different examples because this is how you can change your present life and your present reality.


Your Inner Child’s Safe Place

The safe place could be a place where she could learn to talk to the trees and the animals or where she can play just like she always wanted to play. What do you want to be? A healer, a writer, a painter? A dancer? Put your ‘inner child’ into the ideal world where she will learn the skills and be taught the knowledge that she must know for her to grow up and demonstrate those abilities in you. As you take her to this place, tell her about the home of her spiritual parents, her spiritual mother, and her spiritual father who will never leave her will never yell at her, and will never hurt her. This is your ‘inner child’s’ safe place, the kingdom, the home of the child’s spiritual parents and this is as real as the place that you still remember growing up. Your ‘inner child’s’ spiritual parents are as real as you remember your biological parents or significant others to be. Take her there. Carry her in your arms if she is small enough or hold her hand as the two of you walk to the house. Feel her hand in yours, notice how small it is, or how tight or loose she is holding yours. Each time you walk up the path or walkway to the ideal house, walk onto the porch with your ‘inner child’ and feel the slight give of the boards on the steps and the sound of your ‘inner child’s’ footsteps. Look at the window dressings and the furniture on the porch. Notice the color of the walls and the ceilings and the plants that are planted there. Notice if you would change anything or if you like it just the way it is. Turn briefly and look at the view from the porch that your ‘inner child’ will grow up looking at. Notice the front door if there is a screen if it is fancy or plain. Notice which side of the door the knob, latch, or handle is on and which way the door will open, right or left.

When you take her into the house, notice if the door makes a noise when you open it. It may squeak or creek or just open silently. Notice if the house has a particular smell, if it is sweet, or if there is a cooking or baking smell. Usually, it smells as if your spiritual mother is cooking something that was your favorite when you were the child that is now your ‘inner child’. When you take her to her room, make sure that it is decorated as you would have liked when you were her age. If you liked or wanted large windows that looked out over an ideal setting, make sure that the windows are there with beautiful curtains and wonderfully painted walls. Make sure the toys and the games and your ‘inner child’s’ things are all there. Look at the closets that are full of beautiful clothes and wonderful wearable things. The more times that you do the AM meditation, the easier this will become and the better you will get at filling in the details, in fact, the more times you do this meditation the more likely everything will just be there for you and for your ‘inner child.’ All the right things will just be there. When this happens, you will start to know how real this can really be.

Each time that you take her to her spiritual home and her spiritual parents treat the trip and the arrival as if it is always the first time for your ‘inner child’. Make it fun and exciting. Each time you do the meditation start by going into the sleeping place where you slept when you were her, so that part of you, your ‘inner child’ has never been to her spiritual home, or safe place before. This is a very important part of the meditation. When the child is safe in her safe place, with parents that love her unconditionally she will receive the love that you did not get enough of when you were a child. When you place your ‘inner child’ in her safe place it is the ideal life for her, the ideal life that you needed to receive the education, the trappings, and the training the you needed to meet your maximum potential, but did not receive. This has nothing to do with your biological or birth parents, or the significant others in your childhood. You experienced your life, but by doing the AM meditation you are consciously changing what you remember having and what you remember receiving, into what would have been ideal for you and what you needed as a child to fulfill your dreams and expectations in your life now.

Your parents and most of the circumstance of your womb time, infanthood, childhood, and young adulthood was chosen by you as Soul and Spirit in order for you to clear Soul of the wounds and the traumas of your past lifetimes. Those circumstances are mainly karmic in nature and they are for the most part completed. Now, that you have started to become conscious it is up to you as a conscious soul/spirit being to take charge of your life and fix the damages that resulted from your early training. No one but you can do that. Working with probable lives is the most ideal way of healing your ‘inner child’ as much as you are able to heal her. The spiritual safe place, the spiritual family, and the things that you want her to learn and to experience are accomplished by your choosing the most ideal of your probable lives and placing your ‘inner child’ there in that most ideal life. The more that you take your ‘inner child’ from your actual life that you lived with your imperfect parents and traumatic circumstances into that probable life that is your ideal life, the more complete will be the eventual transfer from your actual to the perfect probable. As you learn to know when you are called by her, your ‘inner child’ and you take her from her reality to the ideal probable reality you will notice that your reality will change and the you that you knew before your ‘inner child’ work will grow into an adult clear of the feelings of need and not having enough, fear and indecision that comes now from your present reality, relationships, occupational circumstances, and incidents of not getting or having what you want. When you take your ‘inner child’ to her safe place and that probable reality becomes her actual reality you will be surprised how little you will be able to remember from your childhood because all your memories will come from your ideal childhood that took place in your ‘inner child’s’ safe place. From that safe place, you will notice that your ‘inner child’s’ training, her trust, and her love will spark your lost or hidden spiritual abilities and remind you of your true-life purpose.

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