When you relax into a visualization meditation place yourself in the hallway leading to the isolation room for the incubator children. While walking down the hallway feel the floor under your feet, listening to your footsteps and paying attention to the color of the walls, the lighting, the doorways, and the color of the floor. Notice how the hall changes each time. You may pass different people, different furniture, or tools in the hall.

When you arrive at the incubator room door, pay attention to the door itself. What color is it, what size? What type of doorknob or handle? Open the door feeling the temperature of the handle or knob. Which way does the door open? Toward you or away from you?

Walk into the room. Smell the air while you are walking to the incubator that hold your inner child. Once you are at the incubator stand over the child and tell her that you are her future self and that you have come to take her home and to help her heal herself.

Pick her up. Hold her very close to your body. Feel the weight of her body, feel the warmth of her body. Hold her and feel love for her. Wrap her in a warm, beautiful blanket and walk out of the door holding her very safely, very lovingly. Walk out of the hospital or birthing place.

Then imagine that you are standing in front of your inner child’s safe place. Walk up the path to the house feeling the ground, concrete, stones, or whatever under your feet. Listen to your heart in that place. Feel your breathing and the ground under your feet. Walk up the stairs leading to the front porch of that house listening to the creaking of the step boards or your footsteps on stone or concrete steps. Walk across the porch feeling the slight weight of your inner child in your arms, constantly feeling love for her. Look at the furniture on the porch if there is any. Look at the window dressings, flowers, etc. that you are able to see from your position on the porch. Walk to the door pausing just long enough to notice its color, shape, any window, or interesting designs. Reach for the doorknob, handle or opening device and open the door paying attention to its temperature, how it opens, in or out.

Walk into the house paying attention to the decor, the smell, and the furniture. Walk to the kitchen or the child’s room where you will find your inner child’s spiritual mother and spiritual father waiting for you and the child. Give the child to her spiritual mother telling the mother that you are the child’s future self and that you want her to heal the child and to teach the child the type of healing that you would like to be taught, that you would like to learn. Tell the child that you will come back to her anytime that she wants you to, anytime that she calls. Leave the child with her spiritual mother and father feeling the safety that the child is feeling in the arms of her mother.

Walk out of the house and back to your dreams.