The Continuing Evolution

Service-to-Self, Service-to-Other, and Mediocre Beings

As diverse as the billions of incarnated humans are on this planet it seems frivolous to separate them into only three distinct, different, and service-oriented evolutionary groups. Evolution however has different plans; evolution is the unfolding of All That Is. It is important to understand what service means to these three human evolutionary groups, service-to-self, service-to-other, and mediocre beings.

Service is not servitude. Service is what you think, what you do, and what you say about yourself and others. It is what you feel about yourself, your relationships, and your version of Goddess/God All That Is. Service is a multidimensional action reflected in your aura, the veil of your soul.

Every moment you are either servicing yourself or servicing others. A service-to-other action could be as simple as being pleasant to another, opening a door for someone, or giving another the right of way when it is not required. A service-to-other emotion is an empathy for someone in need, having compassion for a stray animal, or loving another. A service-to-other thought is as easy as visualizing a more peaceful world, meditating on tranquility, or hypnogogicly exploring probable realities.

Each group has its own weaknesses. Service-to-other beings must guard against their propensity to give too much which depletes them and limits their ability to help anyone, especially themselves. One action all service-to-other beings must not indulge in is judgment. From a spiritual perspective, service-to-other beings are not yet able to understand why another being does what he or she does. Any judgments especially whether someone is a service-to-self, a service-to-other, or a mediocre being cannot be made with any certainty, and if made can hinder the evolution of the judged and the judger.

Many horrible and seemingly unforgivable acts have been committed by incarnated service-to-other beings for spiritual reasons. They usually have help and encouragement from higher beings empowered to guide human evolution. One biblical example was Judas who by acting as Jesus’ traitor helped to create the emotional drama used by those who chose to evolve through human-created shame and greed. The worst of such segues was the third and last Atlantean destruction that ended the last evolutionary epoch and started the present one.

When families, tribes, communities, countries, or world populations must change but refuse to allow it, the higher beings have to take it upon themselves to intervein tweaking reality to keep evolution on track. To do this they often use the fury of nature, wars, disease, or death. Those who experience such changes are often thrown off their life’s purpose. This does not go unrewarded because it is the ultimate sacrifice of the service-to-other beings. It is the resonance of this selfless volunteering that sets the standard, not the number experiencing these changes. In this way, a single unknown soul is capable of changing the world.

The service-to-self beings care only for themselves. When it comes to family, they say they are very loving, but what they call love is the self-intoxication of possession. Their version of compassion and charity are the feelings they experience from the praise they receive or believe they deserve. The higher emotions of love and compassion are as dangerous to them and their evolutionary aspirations as the lower emotions of hate and anger are to the service-to-other beings. The higher emotions balance thinking and doing. The higher the emotions a service-to-self experiences, the more karma they acquire. Their karma is created if they feel higher emotions such as empathy, compassion, and love for anyone or thing other than themselves. Their weaknesses center around the fact that they have spent their last incarnations melded within human physical/mineral bodies which were wired and built to house the balanced energy of soul and spirit. Balance warps their evolutionary preferences of spirit domination of soul.

Every living mineral, plant, animal, and human being presently inhabiting the earth is following an evolutionary path. These paths are organizing flows of energy that follow strands of the Creator’s intent. These paths are vast plains of common purpose where countless numbers of beings agree and contract to experience a common and usually fragile environment or space for various lengths of time. They interact, learn, and evolve through the constant act of adding experience to Self. Every moment you are awake you are evolving, every moment you are alive adds to your evolution, every moment you are anywhere, any form, any astralogy you are adding to yourself and your evolution. Astralogy in its simplest form is your astral personality, attitude, and habits.

Evolutionary paths weave in and out of one another sometimes merging, sometimes separating, or starting a new. The mediocre group consists of beings who split from the other two groups because they reject the fast pace and subsequent chaos of the other two. These beings have chosen to evolve along a third path presently being created by their combined astralogies. They lack a violent nature, abhor competition, and are hopelessly addicted to their own safety, security, and comfort while finding solace in mediocrity and numbness. As they leave for their own path the service-to-others will mourn their loss. The service-to-self beings will also morn, but only because they will no longer be able to take advantage of the mediocre beings’ weaker wills. Every being in all the human evolutionary streams will complete their journeys, but some choose to take their time.

As a service-to-other being, you have lived many lives on both the etheric and physical levels learning to have dominion over your emotions and thoughts. Because of those experiences you have developed your spiritual balance, honed your skills, and learned to take care of yourself while giving to others. Mostly unconsciously you have reached a balance of between forty-eight to fifty-two percent of servicing yourself with the balance going to your servicing of others. The small percentage difference, one way or the other, depends on your Soul/Spirit intentions, your Soul/Spirit personal life goal, and the dream your angels and unseens have for you.

Those who have spent lifetimes purposely servicing themselves more than others, who used others for their own gain, and who have little if any empathy are probably following the path of the service-to-self beings. These beings believe creating their reality gives them the authority to control, manipulate, and over-power everything and everybody. They honor the mind and consider emotions weak. Feeling without thought leads to chaos and thought without feeling leads to annihilation. Soul and spirit at their lowest common denominators are feeling and thinking.

Service-to-others seek to balance thought and feeling through their evolutionary processes of trial and error, self-designed karma, and planned incarnations. The service-to-self beings focus on thought. They reject any emotion and deny any feeling in order to become a god. Becoming a god is not enough; even becoming THE god is not enough. They believe that they are becoming a creator who can out-create Goddess/God All There Is. They are under the impression that they can create through power and control better than Goddess/God can through love. This is a king-of-the-mountain belief and despite the fact that no one has ever become a god through self-serving all service-to-self beings keep trying. Their goals are to focus on or serve themselves at least ninety-five to ninety-nine percent of their time and effort.

Service-to-self beings are not goddess-less or no-god beings, although they and most of the mediocre beings either claim to be nonbelievers or blindly believe in someone else’s god. Goddess/God created All That Is which included all human beings. This presupposes that there is a spark of the Creator in everyone. Even if the connection is denied, the spark cannot be smothered. The service-to-other beings spend their total beingness searching for this spark. A service-to-self being interprets its spark as the inner vindication that she or he is THE only goddess or god. No matter which path one chooses or who they identify with the spark remains the eye of Goddess/God looking at Itself without prejudice or judgment. The mediocre beings are as numb to their spark as they are to life.

Each incarnated service-to-other being is living for their own very important reasons. Soul does not choose death easily. She chooses death only when a life has completed its accomplishment. When a short life of a moment or a long life into the hundreds has accomplished all it has to do, Soul returns home. When life is fulfilled, Soul starts to look for its next adventure. As long as life has breath there is an unfilled purpose that is still possible to be completed. Once a life stops contributing to the fulfillment of its purpose, the Soul cuts its life energy. An aware consciousness can override Soul; it is up to each of us to become as conscious of ourselves as we can and to be as aware of how we create our reality as we are able if we desire dominion over anything in this life. Better health, longer life, and more fruitful social, financial, and personal relationships are the results of becoming aware of being conscious.

For service-to-other beings to become aware of being conscious we must remember the skills and abilities we stored within ourselves before our conception. If our forgotten pre-conception, conception, and birth are causing problems in our lives they must be remembered. Our childhood traumas should be healed as much as possible but identified for sure. We must examine our emotions honestly and learn to follow the negative controlling ones to their origins. Only by going to the root of the problem can you, by using your thoughts, feelings, and will, deactivate its control over your present.

Becoming aware of being conscious, traveling into the past and future to solve many of your lingering problems, and learning to relax your emotions and calm your mind sounds so complex, painfully difficult, and downright hopeless that you may think they are impossible tasks. Besides all that, if you think your life is filled to the brim and that there is no way you can insert more, you are right. However, becoming aware of your being conscious does not add anything to your life since you already create your reality, albeit sub- and unconsciously. Paying attention to how you create both sub- and unconsciously will guide you to becoming conscious of your process, your techniques, and the methods that you presently use to create what you have and what you are. You move in and out of time and space when you sleep and daydream and you are constantly aware on a sub- and unconscious level of everything, everyone, and every intent around you at all times. Paying attention to what you do, what you say, and what you think is all that you could ever require of yourself.

Becoming aware of who and what you are in the Now is like waking up from a daydream. Sometimes when you return to reality what you see is not pleasant. If you are like all the other service-to-other beings, you judge yourself, you compare yourself to others, and you do not always feel secure. These are not just thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, these and many others are paths to your true self. Paying attention to your present will lead you to see yourself honestly and your reality realistically. It means paying attention to the way you are living your life. Being aware means noticing every word you speak, everything you see, every sound you hear, every sense your body senses, and every smell you experience. Awareness does not take extra time because its only requirement is paying attention. If you are hounded by negative emotions, follow them, confront them, and solve them. They are not to be ashamed of and hidden away but released. Your body is designed to experience emotions as they flow through it. It is ill-equipped to hold on to them.

We are creators, camouflaged in mineral/physical bodies of our making in an illusion that we helped to create and continue to maintain. At present, we have to focus thoroughly on our bodies and their relationships with the environment to survive life’s gauntlet and return home to the Soul and Spirit worlds with knowledge. There is however more that can be done. Some service-to-other beings have chosen to attempt to become aware of how we create our reality while learning how to balance our needs and desires with those of others.

Service-to-self beings are also creators, but their path confuses actual creation with force and violence. They delude themselves into thinking they create their reality when they are just following in the footsteps of those who went before them. Realities cannot be created without taking others into consideration. This is a fundamental principle service-to-self beings are unable to grasp. Their evolutionary path leads to a dead end at the seventh dimension since they are allowed to go no further into the spiritual realms because they refuse to take anyone or anything into consideration but themselves. Their evolution will eventually focus on a belief that they created themselves in a world that they also created. They walk a path that eventually leads to oblivion by eventually being devolved to their original sparks and as such being reintroduced into the evolutionary stream to begin anew.

It is evident that the service-to-self beings, service-to-other beings, and mediocre beings are all created equally by Goddess/God, but each evolutionary group has its own path to follow. In the future, these paths will separate vibrationally, each in its own direction and toward the completion of its own purposes. The chaos of our times is loosening the tethers that have kept the three groups bound. Each group will evolve and each member of the group will contribute by also personally evolving. Those who choose to contribute to the evolution of all of humanity, all three groups, are becoming aware that they are conscious simply by paying attention to what they think, feel, and do. They then change what needs to change within themselves and in so doing they change the world.

When you finish reading this article ask yourself this question, “Is Trump a Service-To-Self Being?”