Thought Forms

Scalar wave thought forms are consciously intended physical creations that one erects or creates using one’s physical senses, three bodies, and etheric senses as a singularly focused unit.

Imagination – using this bridging sense to imagine feeling what it is to be present within a real world which is comfortable with the intended form.

Balance – Using this inner bridging sense to balance the soul and spirit, feminine and masculine.

Feminine – magnetism – bonding, cooperation, and working together.

Masculine – electrical – action, manifestation, and force.

Sensing with all five physical senses, two bridging senses, and five inner senses is what is desired or intended to manifest.

Vision – holographic visualizing, seeing the outside, inside, right and left, up and down of an object.

Smell – breathing in a scent, sensing it inside and outside of it, and you

Taste – sensing the taste like something that becomes you, a part of the cooperative whole

Hearing – listing to its vibration and sensing your entire body entraining or resonating with the sensed vibration

Tactile Sensing – sensing the feeling of that which you focus on, feeling the inside and outside of the object, and you

Sensing the emotions that you would feel if the outcome that you desire or choose to manifest was present in your life.

Sensing your thoughts, beliefs, and mental images that you would experience through your mental body if the outcome that you desire or choose to manifest were present in your life.

I created this and my other web pages to help me organize the thoughts and ideas I have been fortunate to experience through my work as a Multidimensional Healer.


Edward is on a sabbatical in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. He reads but seldom answers email because of a lack of time.


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