Match Your Sense Preference

Which of these three life preferences below do you resonate to the most?  None of us are just one or the other, physically, emotionally or mentally focused, we are a combination of all three.  But, there is one that you are more prone to exercise more than the other two, in fact, usually the other two support the one preference that you have.

Do you like to do things with your body, run, hike, exercise?  Do you exercise or do strenuous work when you are stressed or anxious?  Then you are a physically focused person.

Do you like to feel things in order to understand them and eventually able to explain them?  Do you always say that you feel this or sense that?  Then you are an emotionally focused person.

Do you like to think about things, contemplate them before making a decision or able to explain them?  Then you are a mentally focused person.

Physically Focused

If you like to feel with your body when you act or do anything than to gather EME for yourself you have to feel it flowing into and through your body, like when you take a deep breath and sense the breath energy flowing throughout your circulatory system or when you feel your heart beat so strongly that your entire body vibrates to its rhythms.  You could do your mediation while your were running or experiencing your favorite exercise.  Use your bodies rhythm, each foot step, each swim stroke, each release of the ball can be a feeling sense of receiving waves of EME from the source focus or a storm or incident more personal to you at the time.  Once you become comfortable with transforming a lot of EME using your physical body begin adding feeling from your emotional parts and thinking and contemplating from your mental parts.  You already use a combination of all three parts of you, your physical, emotional and mental parts.  Some people call these parts, bodies.  The trick is to become conscious of how you can best feel EME entering your body and energizing where and what you intend.

As you experience the energy flowing into your body, visualize the energy flowing out of the source focus, draining the power and energy out of it as it gets weaker and weaker and you become stronger and stronger.

Emotionally Focused

If you like to feel the essence of things, sense the emotion behind actions and events than you may want to gather your EME by feeling the waves flowing down into your body through the top of your head gathered by your EME funnel and directed downward into your body.  Remember how you felt when you recall feelings of past happiness, joy, wonder or excitement.  Recall when you felt creative or were rewarded for something and you felt good about yourself.  Holding the feeling sense of one of these higher emotional feelings visualize, feel that feeling flowing in waves down into and through your body.  Visualize the waves flowing from the source focus and feel them enter you, waves of the higher emotional feeling that you hold, flowing into and through you, energizing and healing or flowing out into and through the object or place that you intend the energy to help or heal.

Visualize the energy flowing out of the source focus, Wave after wave of warm, relaxing, powerful energy flowing into you, draining the power and energy out of the source focus as it gets weaker and weaker while you become more and more relaxed, healthier, stronger and wiser.

Mentally Focused

If you like to think and contemplate about things and ideas, then read up on EME and use your imagination to create a method for you to download the EME from its source into your body.  Think about how waves of energy filtered down through a clear and focused intent would transform the EME into just the right energy for you at this time.  Think and contemplate about how that energy could heal your body or clear your thoughts.  Think how transformed EME could help you relax, be more present and more creative.  Think how the stress could melt away and your emotions could calm, and you could see things more clearly and accurately.  Transform the energy into those thoughts.  For every thought there is an emotion and a body sensation.  Begin to pay attention to these when you are contemplating as you transform the source focus’ EME into you and what you think needs to be done in that moment.

Use images and pictures to see the source focus emptying as the EME flows into the top of your head energizing and strengthening your three parts, or your three bodies.  Watch the power leaving the source focus and entering you as pure energy, stem-cell-energy that you can use to create anything that you want for yourself – good health, abundance and wisdom.