Maturation – Pre-Conception to 21 Years of Age

Uses for Transformed EME

Energy is power, and power can be put to work transforming and energizing whatever you focus on using your power of intent.

When energy is changed it is transformed and the transformation of energy changes that energy into something else. In the physical world they say that matter can neither be created or destroyed, but in the metaphysical world matter can be destroyed and it can be created. Then you transform the EME force from the focus source you are destroying matter, you are destroying the runaway EME. It does not exist anymore in the space that the focus source existed. You have destroyed it in your transformation cone and you have created a transformed EME on an entirely different resonant plane. You have elevated it through your intent. You have transformed that energy into a higher resonant energy, created on a higher resonant plane. That energy did not exist on that higher resonant plane until you intended it, you created it, you created energy.

Your transformed energy can be directed or it can be allowed to flow where it can do the most good given the moment and all facets of that moment. Such an intent must be mapped out before you start to focus on it. Examine the details that you want, the outcome that you want and examine its ramifications on your present moment and in your future. How does that feel when you focus on your body senses? How does it feel to you, to think of your past, present and future?

Helping Self

Energy can be directed into different parts of you body, organs or appendages.

Energy can be directed into parts of your emotional body to help release habits and behavior that are not desired

Energy can be directed toward your manifestation goals.

Energy can be used to energize your garden, house, land or country.

Energy can be used to energize your pets, friends and loved ones.

Helping Others

If someone you know asks for your help, you can send them Transformed EME.

Expectant mothers can use this energy to help their fetus grow healthy and to aid in its emotional and mental growth process.

Expectant fathers can use this energy to support the mother and child.

Expectant parents can use this energy to manifest the world that they want their child to grow up in.

Energy can be focused on diseased or ailing organs or tissue with the intent for healing and healthy outcomes.