Maturation – Pre-Conception to 21 Years of Age

Scalar Focusing

Scalar Focusing – Consciously multitasking all bodies and senses into as dense a focus as possible, creating through total awareness a standing wave of potential energy greater than the sum of the parts multi-tasked.

This is a new skill, a product of the evolving human being, a skill that can be developed in the present (thousands of years ahead of its time) because of the particular intersecting of many different evolutionary threads at this time – especially in the next ten or so years.

Effectiveness hinges on finding the right balance of the senses from the three bodies participating and activated to the highest levels possible to reflect the senses that would be felt if the desired or intended situations were actualized. i.e. Physical body sensations of touch, smell, sight, hearing and tasting are activated as much as possible. Emotional body sensations are activated to feel the emotions that would accompany the experience desired. Mental body sensations of thought, images and pictures, concepts that are desired and intended should be sensed mentally, in as much detail and complexity as possible.

This energy is Stem-Cell-Energy, potential energy that can be activated and directed by desire and intent to create or manifest the reality that is envisioned.