Maturation – Pre-Conception to 21 Years of Age

Each of the four physical plane bodies have a mind. The physical body’s mind is the brain which is the director of actual reality. The conscious mind is the director of probable action for the emotional body. This is why we are having so much trouble now, our conscious mind is becoming conscious. How we feel and experience things is becoming conscious and that consciousness is confronted by the emotional body. Consciousness is learning to understand and master the emotional body, not by domination, but by choosing what emotional states (probable action) we want to experience. This is discernment and choice.

The mental body’s mind is the subconscious. The subconscious mind is the director of possible actions. It also stores holographic replicas of every action and detail down to the unit of consciousness level in every multidimensional aspect for the time frame from conception till death. Every frequency and vibration from this life time is stored there.

Each incarnational life has one conscious and one subconscious mind that is individual to that life time. All incarnational lives have one unconscious mind which the spiritual body is most probably aligned with.

The spiritual body’s mind is the unconscious, the director of all potential actions.