Maturation – Pre-Conception to 21 Years of Age

EME — Elecromagnetic Energy

Pictures for meditation: lady with the 8 focus sources circling around her waist or upper torso.

Two Meditations – Externalize and Internalize transformed EME

To internalize the transformed EME – a transformation cone above her head.

To externalize the transformed EME – two smaller transformation cones on either side of her head at her temples.

Figure 1: A transformation cone above her head to internalize the transformed EME.

Breath deeply for a few minutes to relax your body and begin to gather your thoughts.  Think and feel how your body feels.  Sense your arms and legs, your lower and upper torso, you neck and head.  Feel your body, are your cold or warm, relaxed and calm or stressed and tight?  Make yourself comfortable and begin to allow relaxation to fill your body, the light that shines over your head shines down and through your body, filling you with light.  The quietness around you is the information that flows into you.  Feel the relaxation flowing as the light and information fills your body.

Focus on your intent of internalizing the transformed energy to heal and energize your body.  Focus on the body or a part of your body that you desire the transformed energy to heal and energize.  Let your intent flow through your body as your feel your body experiencing what it would feel like to be healed and energized, your expectations, you desires and choice.  Hold that feeling as you concentrated on the focus source sense the energy radiated in all directions, from the focus source.  Will the energy to come to you, feel your transformation cone about your head, feel the waves of energy flowing unto your transformation cone, transforming into your intent and flowing into your body, gently, filling your body with transformed energy, healing and transforming.

Feel the waves flowing into your from the focus source and feel the focus source becoming weaker and weaker as you become stronger and stronger, more focused and aware  Absorb as much of the EME as you are able and send the transformed energy into your body to heal and energize.

Figure 2: Two smaller transformation cones on either side of her head at her temples to o externalize the transformed EME.

Breath deeply and begin to allow your body to relax.  Relax your body so that it can be the perfect channel for the transformed EME to flow in through your temples, through your body and out through and out the top of your head straight to the target source just as your intended.

 Relax your body and hold your intention in your mind.  Feel your body and notice where you are tight or tense, where you may feel heavy or light, like an emptiness.  Focus on those parts of your body and allow relaxation to flow into them, as the tension and tightness flow out and way.  Relax yourself as much as you are able and turn your attention again to your intent.  Feel your self in a world where the transformed energy that you are directing is creating that world that you are envisioning.  Sense your transformation cones at the sides of your head, the smaller end directed into your right and left temporal lobe, your temples and visualize your focus source in all its fury and rage.  Visualize the radiant EME flowing from your focus source and direct it with your will to come to you.  See the waves flowing to you and into your transformation cones, transforming the EME into your energized intent.  Feel the energy flowing into our head and down through your throat and down into your shoulders and chest.  Feel the Transformed EME flow through your arms and back into your shoulders, down into your chest.  Notice your breathing changing, your heartbeat changing as it is sending the transformed EME down into your stomach and hips, filling your legs and back to your hips. Feel the energy pool in your hips, relaxing and calming.  Your body like an empty channel, filled with transformed EME.  Feel your intent permeating the transformed EME.

When you are filled with the transformed and intent filled EME send it up through your body and out through the top of your head, directly to where your intent had intended, transforming your focus target with the incredible power of your focused transformed EME.

Continue feeling the gentle transformed waves of energy flowing from the focus source into your transformation cones and gently into your body.  Your body like a channel filles with the transformed energy and pushes it out with force and intent to it focus target.  Continue feeling and experiencing the energy flow until the energy from the focus source is spent or weakened considerably.  Absorb as much as you are able and then allow your body to relax into itself.  Think for a moment about your accomplishments and your impact, and then go about your life and enjoy.