Journey Into Self focuses on the experiences and understanding of our multidimensional selves. We can alter our current known reality by becoming aware of our core beliefs and either changing or containing them. This goal is attainable through self-guiding meditations and becoming aware of our emotions and how some control our lives negatively. We are in the habit of spending an extraordinary amount of time keeping our present reality functioning because we either disdain or fear change. Change is our only hope. It is not to be controlled, manipulated, or forced. It is to be consciously planned instead of how it functions now, automatic, and instinctive. The journey into oneself is a solo experience supported by streams of consciousness from the sub-realms to the Creator herself. We each hold the key to our healing. Some can find that key, others because of their search help others find theirs. Some of the methods and techniques to help you on your journey may be listed below.

I have spent the last 40 years as a multidimensional healer and as an empath, I have experienced countless inner, past, and future worlds while guiding clients through their past or future traumas and darkest previous lives. If that sounds impressive it is not. Being a multidimensional healer was my job and I took it seriously spending most of my awake moments thinking about or traveling in and out of time and space, walking between worlds, and communicating with some remarkable beings. Why? Because I loved the work and what it taught me.
I believe that every human is becoming consciously aware whether they understand or not. The inability to understand is the cause of much of the chaos and confusion in the world. We are at the beginning of an evolutionary change that will take centuries to complete but many people alive today brought skills and knowledge that they can awaken during this lifetime to complete their part in the equation that will energize this change.
We all have angels and unseen friends protecting us and it is time that we learn how to communicate with them and discover our unique skills and knowledge.

I created this website to help me organize the thoughts and ideas I have been fortunate to experience through my work as a Multidimensional Healer.

I am on a sabbatical in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. I read but seldom answer email because of a lack of time.


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