Multidimensional Healing

Glossary And Word Index

This glossary and word index were originally published in the author’s book Angels And Your Other Unseen Friends. It is published on this website to better explain the metaphysical concepts, blog posts, and articles on this website.

The definitions that follow are far from complete, but complete enough to help clarify how I define the concepts and words on this website which I will update from time to time. If you disagree with any of these definitions, blogs, or articles please be kind in the comments. These thoughts and ideas are my visions of the world which I do not claim to be absolute. I am constantly learning and I do change my mind from time to time.

Every idea, concept, supposition, dream, and desire is a reminder that life is a gift because while you are alive you can accomplish more in five minutes of conscious spiritual focusing than you can in months or even years during your inevitable life between death and rebirth.

Soul is at stake and Spirit hangs in the balance because you-as-consciousness are in charge of this very serious game designed to either catapult you into your future ahead of your time or to play it safe and follow the crowd. The choice to follow will eventually lead back to Source, but that road will become increasingly more difficult as well as taking a long, long, long time.

Adult ~ Adulthood is the human developmental stage that follows the grown-up stage. If earned, it is followed by the elder or wisdom stage; if not earned and the individual lives long enough, the grown-up stage is extended until the body matures to its last stage of life, old age, and the individual is unable to experience the desired elder or wisdom stage. Adulthood is and always has been difficult to earn during one’s lifetime, but many service-to-other human beings are coming of age by remembering who they are and why they incarnated into this particular time and space. Presently few living humans have earned adulthood, although many service-to-other beings have incarnated into the chaos of today’s world with adulthood as their goal. Each human who obtains adulthood opens a new path that grown-ups can follow.

All That Is ~ All That Is is everything physical, everything. It is not just third-dimensional physical, but all physicality from the smallest particle, the slightest vibration, to the dimmest of light contained in all densities and extending to all physical dimensions. Most agree that there is no end to All That Is; few agree on Its beginning. Goddess-God makes up two-thirds of creation that did not in any way become physical. All That Is is the proverbial apple that, once tasted, even the you who is a spark from Goddess-God is unable and unwilling to return to an existence of no-taste, or un-taste, or all-taste, or however you can imagine the oneness and vastness of Goddess-God without the ability to sense It.

 Alzheimer’s and dementia ~ Alzheimer’s and dementia are medical terms that represent many seeming similar but different brain diseases that rob the afflicted of much or all of their needs and desires. Usually, these diseases erase any feelings, thoughts, and expectations rendering those afflicted to lose lifetime memories resulting in loved ones forgotten, skills unimportant, and habits and addictions irrelevant. These diseases are seen or experienced as devastating to those afflicted, their families, and society in general. Observed from a mundane point of view this seems reasonable, but from a metaphysical understanding, most of those afflicted may very well be performing spiritually necessary tasks needed in these times. Most beings living life between death and rebirth must spend countless years, often centuries, purging themselves of their desires and preferences gathered during their former earth lives. When many beings afflicted with Alzheimer’s and dementia pass, they enter life between death and rebirth relatively free from what would normally be a long purging process. This leaves them to immediately begin their work to augment the unfolding of the New Age because they retain preciously needed knowledge and information intact, which would normally be lost during the purging process. Those who helped them in their declining years are greatly loved and rewarded when they pass because, in the spiritual worlds, a good earthly deed is always rewarded.

Angelic oxygen ~ Gratitude on a physical level is to most human beings an emotion, but on a metaphysical level, it is one of the substances angels breathe. A sure way to attract angelic energy is to contemplate about, meditate on, or just feel gratitude. When you feel gratitude, your vibrations become an oasis around which angels will gather to bask and play in its resonance.

Angels ~ An angel is a rank or level of spiritual attainment. Most angels became enlightened before or during the creation of human beings. Most of them will be elevated to the rank of archangel when the service-to-other human beings become enlightened and promoted to the level of angel.

Archangel ~ An archangel is one step above angel on the spiritual hierarchy. The term identifies a group, a class, or an occupation. This definition is inadequate because it is a human-speak definition that only identifies a small part of these highly complex and diverse beings. There are many archangels, but only a few lend their resonance to this part of the universe while the rest are scattered throughout countless other universes. Archangels are genderless, but humans often think of them as being either male or female when the differentiation is actually masculine or feminine. The terms masculine and feminine are designations of energy, not gender. Using these definitions, masculine energy is a doing force while femininity is a being force. Archangels are massive energy beings. There is no one Archangel Michael, in the same way, there is one you.

Attention grabbers ~ If something is out of balance in your life, Soul, Spirit, and your unseen friends will use physical, emotional, and mental discomforts to get your attention. When we humans are healthy, young, and in general feeling good, we lack the incentive to work on ourselves to improve our spirituality, the main reason we incarnate in the first place. To keep us on our toes, the we-that-are-our-greater-selves create our own energy grabbers like sickness, disease, tension, and stress to make sure that we pay attention to and discipline ourselves to clear our traumas and dramas. This is a very inefficient and often painful process, but it works. Becoming aware of ourselves and utilizing our unseen friends can minimize our creating attention grabbers because we begin to solve our problems before they manifest in our reality.

Celestial sleep ~ This is a buffer period similar to the Wombtime when the newly departed Soul and Spirit transition from the physical world to the spiritual. In our understanding, this represents sleeping in heaven where the duration of sleep is based on individual needs. It is a time that gently starts the purging period of mineral world needs and desires in preparation for replacement by your spiritual world choices and desires. If celestial sleep can be resisted for the three days immediately following death, consciousness is able to retain the important memories and feelings of its life that it will need when Soul and Spirit begin to prepare for its next life.

If you can stay awake for the three days and are knowledgeable enough to ask for help from your unseens, you can design and create your next life so the when, where, and with whom you choose is outlined. After staying awake for three days, you can rest in this sleep knowing that upon your awakening and after you purge this life completely, you are better prepared to plan your next life. If you are unable to stay awake, the life you chose for your next life will probably not be the life that releases you from this reincarnation repetitiveness.

This is extremely important for your spiritual development because it requires conscious physical preparation. To put this into a physical perspective, if you have an important meeting and took the relevant time to review all the pertinent information, decide on your wardrobe, and set aside enough time to get the proper rest, you would be prepared for the meeting. Your stress level would be significantly reduced and your focus would likely positively influence the outcome of the meeting. If you include your unseens, you will catapult the outcome into something spectacular. So, if you prepare for your death and know to stay awake during the three days before you succumb to celestial sleep, you will have the time and intent to imbue your present desires into the blueprint you create for your next life.

Conscious ascension ~ Getting into the habit of raising your resonance, holding it at the highest vibration you can, for as long as you can, will slowly build a solid spiritual foundation within you. This base will be able to withstand the sudden shock that often results from not knowing what is happening as you move from one spiritual development level to another. This type of ascension is not the ascension commonly discussed by the New Age community. You are not chosen for this ascension. Goddess-God, your angels, or your unseens have nothing to do with it. Ascension is resonance. No matter what resonance you are comfortable with, there is always a higher resonance that calls you. The work that you do and the energy you expend to ascend from your comfort zone to a higher, more informed, and aware resonance is ascension.

Consciousness, mass ~ In human terms mass consciousness can be compared to the concept in computer science called the cloud. Mass consciousness is an enormous metaphysical resonance containing all and every thought, emotion, and body sensation felt by every human consciousness since before time. It functioned as a teacher for most of our human existences allowing us to design our incarnations from information borrowed from mass conscious concepts and beliefs. Because we lack the time, we are unable to develop our own feeling, emotional, and mental awareness needed at and after birth. We reach into mass consciousness to borrow what we need, trusting that we will use it until we are conscious enough to develop our awareness. Then we are supposed to purge ourselves of whatever mass conscious residue remains, a chore we often resisted or forgot. If we do not replace the borrowed mass conscious body sensations, emotions, and thoughts with our own learned feelings, mass consciousness becomes negative energy because it was not supposed to be a permanent part of any of our bodies. Its strength has increased to a point where humans have to become conscious of it and its dangers, along with learning to resist its constant presence and influence.

Contemplation ~ Contemplation is the meditation of the New Age. It is a conscious thinking state that can move in and out of time searching for answers. It does not diminish the necessity of meditation: It brings meditation into the mundane and can be developed as an open eye, walking about aware meditative state.

Density ~ A human way to view density is as a multidimensional range within which a being can know itself. This range can be expanded or contracted within the limits and rules applicable to all parts, consciousnesses, and awarenesses. For instance, the density of a living physical body is limited to a finely balanced sliver of a third-dimensional environment of temperature, atmosphere, terrain, and moisture levels. Consciousness, on the other hand, has a density that includes many dimensions.

Desire ~ Desire and want are often used interchangeably, but they should not be. Desire is experienced when want mixes with emotion. Desire is a higher resonant sense than want so when you want something with passion, you desire it. In this sense, want is the physical form, desire the emotional form, and expectancy is the mental form required by manifestation.

Dimension, third ~ Third-dimensional service-to-other beings are Soul/Spirit beings who are temporarily confined to one thin layer of existence to experience separation in their quest to become aware of and understand oneness.

Dimension, fourth- ~ Humankind has been evolving upward toward the fourth dimension for eons. The goal of the service-to-other beings is the creation of a New World. That world is now within sight, and many humans presently living may consciously experience a transformation from third- to fourth-dimensional existence.

Dimensions ~ Even numbered dimensions are feminine in nature, flowing and moving, while odd numbers are masculine in nature, static physical spaces and places.

Disincarnate, lost ~ A lost disincarnate may reference an aspect of an ether body that has not internalized death. It could also mean a fragment of a being that is caught or trapped in time and or space.

Ego ~ The ego is Spirit in pure form residing within a mineral/physical body along with Soul, consciousness, and all the other facets of a spiritual being presently calling itself human. It is gradually expanding into human consciousness as the I Am, which in the simplest of terms is consciousness becoming conscious of itself. Ego functions as the eyes and ears of your consciousness, as the receiver and observer of the illusion called reality, and as the sense of self. This information is imbued into your consciousness, which has no sight or senses of its own. Ego at its present evolution as Spirit within a living physical body is incapable of any decision-making, evaluation, or comparison so its present function is as a messenger to consciousness. Once received, consciousness is supposed to respond. The response is influenced by emotions, which are the domain of Soul.

Ego, negative ~ Since Spirit is the latest addition to the evolving human being’s physical body, it is the least trained part of the living and evolving human being. Because Soul is still evolving along with consciousness, both take advantage of ego or down-stepped Spirit. An immature consciousness that prefers to spend most of its time focused on its past or future has no other choice but to force the more immature ego to perform its duties and everyday tasks without helping or guiding it. The ego, in human terms eventually gets angry at its consciousness because it is incapable of performing the very tasks that consciousness forces it to perform. It eventually gets angry enough to begin indicating that it is not going to take it anymore, and it becomes a negative ego. Only aware consciousness can tame it by allowing the ego to do its most important job of being the eyes, ears, and senses of consciousness without the ego evaluating or questioning what it sees, hears, or senses.

As Spirit develops personal responsibility—which is required to live eloquently in a third-dimensional world—negative ego becomes Ego, not positive ego, but Ego with a capital E. That Ego is more representative of Spirit, and like positive ego, it is a valuable and necessary aspect of self as is a healthy functioning consciousness. The ego with a small e is still an immature Spirit learning the fundamentals of physical life. We are at a time in human evolution when the negative ego of yesterday is to graduate into the Ego of tomorrow. Each of us has to decide when that tomorrow will become our today; that begins when we decide to personally become consciously aware.

Elementals ~ Elementals are etheric beings from which and by which everything in All That Is is created. They are the building blocks of everything physical whether sensed by us or not. They are the solid substances (earth), fluid substances (water), gas substances (air), and heat substances (fire) which are down-stepped representatives of higher beings. They are the material used to create space, substance, and bodies with mineral/physical form and everything else in All That Is. Everything we understand and do not understand is constructed of elementals.

Eloquent ~ An evolutionary step that human beings will begin to understand in our distant future. In its simplest form, it is a Twenty-First Century Shaman discipline that stresses the avoidance of doing anything twice or the same way. This requires conscious action. To us, it is a practice, but beyond our world and understanding on much higher levels, worlds, or dimensions, things are only done once, period. There can be no reason to do anything twice, and the only way to stop repeating oneself is to become consciously aware.

Emotions ~ Under normal circumstances, all emotions are everywhere so every possible emotion is constantly flowing through each of us. We choose which emotions to experience like we chose which reality to create, and we feel our choices with the sensing organs of all our bodies. Each body experiences emotions to enhance its mundaneness of life and define forever the experiences of Soul. Emotions neither originate within nor are created by humans; they are mostly chosen subconsciously or unconsciously. At any time, every known and some unknown emotions are flowing through the body, but if an emotion stops within the body for any reason, it becomes a block. Emotions are sense beings whose resonances are what we feel and react to.

Emotions, negative ~ Negative emotions are positive emotions that have been incorrectly learned or associated with negative things. There is no shame or fault in incorrect learning because the system is designed to eventually correct itself. Humans have chosen to learn primarily through negativity where incorrectness causes discomfort and discomfort gets our attention. The resonance of attention starts change. We learn from the pain and isolation that negative emotions elicit within us. Eventually, we begin to question why. Those questions are the seeds that eventually grow into strength and knowing that through trial and error, training, and focus we mature until we either reject or accept negativity. In the future, negativity will no longer be able to co-exist with anything positive.

Energy dumpers ~ Our metaphysical selves learn to gather and dispose of energy much like our physical bodies consume food and dispose of the waste. Energy dumpers are experts at emptying their negative energy into others who accept it although neither the dumpers nor receivers are seldom aware of doing so. At any given gathering, especially parties and dances, the dumpers usually outnumber the ones who will accept their energy by approximately three to one. The exercises Pulling Your Fields In and Raising Your Resonance can prevent you from receiving or giving energy without your awareness. Learning how to protect yourself without the normal protection tools such as crystals, talismans, charms, candles, incantations, prayers, or even allies is crucial. Once personal protection is learned, the tools become more powerful; without personal protection, any tool is weak at best.

Energy intruders ~ Intruders push their energy outside of themselves as if they are announcing their presence. These include people who talk loudly, drive noisy vehicles, or play their music in public at maximum volume. Energy intruders often become dumpers because the people they annoy are receivers.

Energy stealers ~ Energy stealers unconsciously drain others of their energy. These humans were taught as children mainly by their parents or significant others; as grown-ups, they continue to drain energy from most of their relationships, including their children. These are the energy or psychic vampires who, while draining their subjects usually leave some energy or psychic trash behind. That residue has to be cleared by the person who receives it. Those receivers do double duty. They have to replace the energy stolen, and they have to work through the garbage dumped into them.

Enlightenment ~ Everyone in the spiritual movement must come to grips with his or her definition of enlightenment. The definition must be personally understood, believed, and sought after. Although we think we know what enlightened is, most of our definitions are antiquated, misleading, or unobtainable in present time with present density and consciousness. Enlightenment is awareness; it is within us. All humans are Soul/Spirit beings; every one of us is enlightened. It is up to each of us to discover those aspects of ourselves; it is our responsibility to discover and own this fact.

Entity, needy ~ If you have needy people in your life, you attract needy entities. If you have any entities attached to you, healing needs to take place. The first step is to discover what you gain from attracting and having needy people around you. Heal the reasons and those needy people around you will either change or drift away, and the needy entities will vacate your bodies because your emotions, feelings, or thoughts no longer supply them sustenance. Neediness is a hunger emotion. It and other negative emotions create byproducts or residue which entities and beings are attracted to or, in the case of positive emotions, repelled by.

Entity possession ~ Any entity attachment is an entity possession, but few possessions are threatening. Most possessions are attracted to your energy waste. When you are angry you spew the energy of anger outward into the universe. This attracts anger-consuming entities. Other possessions can be attributed to the possessed, allowing or inviting the entity to enter him or her. For instance, it is common for a lonely, hospitalized child to allow a disincarnate residue (an entity that usually refuses to acknowledge to itself that it is no longer physical) into its fields. The residue keeps the child entertained enough to gain entrance. Once in residence, it usually remains for the remainder of the person’s life by convincing the child that many of its (the disincarnate’s) thoughts are the child’s. Another example would be a teenager who is so narcissistic that she or he allows the negative ego to dominate her or his consciousness, resulting in a pathological condition.

Evil Being, Lucifer the Archangel ~ Lucifer is an archangel caught in space but not time, who encourages humans to become service-to-self beings focused on pleasure. His evil is his demand for excess pleasure, increased addiction, and insatiable desire.

Evil Being, Ahriman the Archi ~ Ahriman is a Saturnian retarded being who was introduced to the human evolutionary path when humans started to become so dense that death was needed to terminate life. Ahriman knew death so he was recruited to introduce the process of death required for a physically dense body to release life so its consciousness can learn from repeating lives. Among many other things, he encourages beings to become service-to-self adepts focused on security. A retarded being in this sense has nothing to do with intelligence or abilities and everything to do with resistance to spiritual laws.

Evil Being, Asuras the Archi ~ Put in human terms, he is the father, host, or creator of Ahriman. He encourages beings to become service-to-self focused on superiority and total power over others. This being is the Eater of Souls; his bite cannot be healed, retrieved, or reconstructed. What he bites or is given is lost forever along with all its connecting feelings. This is devastating to Soul.

Evil beings ~ Beings who fall within the resonances of one of the three kings presently occupying the top position on the three pinnacles which make up the service-to-self agenda and their three different paths of evolution.

Example-protagonist ~ This is a term to indicate that the reader is being asked to take a more active role in experiencing an example. Examples only resonate when they are felt personally and understood on a deeper level. Unrelated stories or pictures without emotions or feelings offer nothing, but learning to become an example-protagonist will enhance visualization, imagination, and creativity plus it helps in the further development of one’s compassion and empathy.

Extraterrestrial ~ The term extraterrestrial applies to anything or anyone not physically constructed of Earth’s elementals. At death we become extraterrestrials. Angels and your unseens who are not physically dense beings are extraterrestrials.

Fate ~ Fate is the consequence of an unchanged blueprint. Fate can be altered.

Genesis ~ Creation or genesis is difficult to witness and a strange thing to watch. It is like a series of waves, each a cycle of learning and changing, adding to itself and consuming itself. Human development started from scratch and a divine spark, then evolved to a higher state with most ending as suddenly as they started, every time something new, ending, and suddenly starting up again from the ashes but seemingly from nothing. This, in our understanding, is energy as a whole completing itself, ending, and returning to Source where it is rejuvenated and sent out again to experience life in a new way. This is species reincarnation. Creation never ends; it just seems that way to us.

Grown-up ~ A grown-up is by definition a person whose physical body has matured automatically while his or her emotional and mental bodies continue to search for their maturity. Grown-ups often try to look and act like adults, but under pressure, they will regress to immature and weak actions and behavior with reactive tendencies. Being referred to as a grown-up should only be a compliment to a child who is looking forward to growing up. This developmental stage is automatic and instinctive. It reaches its peak around thirty-seven years of age. After that, the body seems to automatically and instinctively stop growing; it then begins to age and slowly deteriorates. This obsolescence is driven and altered by acquired beliefs. This stage predates adulthood and is usually the state most humans remain stuck within until they die.

Human beings ~ Human beings tend to think that all human beings are like them, beings ruled by a head and its appendages of two arms and two legs, all fed and regulated by a torso and its specific internal organs. The term, however, does not refer to body type, style, or appearance. The various bodies human beings experience during their sojourns through the physical worlds are environmentally functional to sustain life in those worlds. Beings are classified as human beings if they seek to evolve as self-aware, universally conscious beings; they use body style and density of physicality to accomplish their goal. Becoming a human being entails an evolution of one’s soul, spirit, and life force toward conscious awareness, which leads to the next step, that of soul-being. The angels became enlightened as human beings during the period when we chose to enter the worlds of physical reality, but our descent into physicality took us deeper into mineral-physical reality than they chose to plunge. Our paths are different, but our goals are similar.

Human beings, enlightened ~ Enlightenment is a state of being, which is the level of awareness just beyond one’s reach. It is like the sound that one knows to be there but cannot hear. We learn to keep listening, and eventually, we have to hear it. When we experience that level of enlightenment, we soon discover that there is another sound we cannot hear beyond that point we thought reached enlightenment. Once we understand that the search begins again, there is no end, just untold beginnings.

Human probability pool ~ There is a limit to the abilities humans can draw from each probability since each is filled. When something is added, something must be discarded. If enough people, or one person with enough awareness, focuses on a new or improved human ability, that ability can be added to the pool of abilities humans are capable of within that probability. Some people refer to this as the hundredth-monkey effect, but the pool has a greater impact. Since probable realities merge and interact, the abilities that are the most advantageous to human evolution are imbued into everyone’s actual reality in the Now. Being able to reach into that pool is every human’s right; understanding what is there is up to the individual’s training, skill, and awareness.

Hypnagogic technique ~ This is a little-known technique used inadvertently on children by parents and caregivers. When a parent or significant other talks to the child when the child is in between waking and sleeping, the information bypasses the child’s resistance and is usually taken directly and fully into the child’s subconscious mind. The child’s eyes are usually closed and he or she does not visibly respond to what is being said. This is a very powerful tool for all ages except for adults and the wise, who are not usually susceptible to suggestions.

Inner dialogue ~ Inner dialogue is appropriately named because it is a conversation you have with yourself. It is your mind never being still, always inward, and nearly continuous. If you pay attention to the content of the conversation, who you are having it with, and the frequency and cadence of its repetition, you will discover two of life’s mysteries that you incarnated to know. As usual, the mysteries of life are simple although they appear complex. What you discover by paying attention to your inner dialogue is that you will get to know who you are and what you think of yourself. What you do with that information is yet another mystery, but it, too, gives you two choices. Do you heal or stay comfortably numb?

Inner dialogue, conscious ~ This type of dialogue occurs when you are aware that you are talking to yourself, such as working with your inner child or working with past lives. Of course, this conversation is often with your unseens, past-selves, and even different parts such as your heart, a specific system, or one of your bodies.

Inner dialogue, subconscious ~ This dialogue is the one you are slightly aware of, do not interfere with, and often participate in from a subconscious awareness.

Inner dialogue, unconscious ~ Emerging conscious awareness will eventually discover that your inner dialogue is now a dangerous part of consciousness. When humans began entering physical bodies, their unconscious inner dialogue was like a mental instinct; it kept reminding them that they were in a body and not in a dream. For humans who were unaware and seldom conscious, it worked within the illusion as a stabilizing force by constantly and subliminally informing them about what they thought of themselves. In this way, it kept them focused on themselves, causing them to resist floating off into their probable or dream worlds. Personally, it may constantly tell you that you are ugly and fat when you are actually beautiful and well-proportioned. Since you are constantly being described like that by your inner dialogue, you refuse to believe your eyes or what others tell you. All inner dialogue is becoming obsolete because when it is compared to your actual reality, it is always wrong.

Joy ~ Joy is an emotion that can usually only be felt by children, adults, and the elderly. Grown-ups have a difficult time with joy. It is a masculine emotion, which means it is an emotion that has to be done as opposed to the emotion of happiness, which is a feminine emotion, which is felt by being. Joy takes thought; there must be something you are joyful about. Happiness flows in waves when something like a project or chore is completed.

Law of One ~ This is a spiritual law that states that there is only one God, that there are no others but the One. To humans, it is the resonance of intuition, the energy we are always connected to which resonates from the God-head. In living, all service-to-other beings are guided by this truth, which is like a beacon constantly pulsating from Goddess-God. When we deviate from that resonance, we feel some uncomfortable sensation. The further we deviate, the more uncomfortable we become, and no matter how much we deny it, we cannot free ourselves from it.

Law of Resonance —This is a physical and metaphysical law. Both state that if two objects vibrate at different frequencies, one of three effects will occur. The higher resonance will reduce its vibrations until it matches the lower resonance. Both resonances will either lower or raise their vibrations until they meet in the middle, or if the higher vibration refuses to move, the lower resonance will be forced to raise its vibrations until it matches the higher resonance. Your unseens are bound by this law. They will not lower their resonance to make you feel better. They ask you to raise your vibrations to theirs so you can meet them as equals.

Light ~ Light is the matrix that is Goddess-God. It is All That Is, and it is Love. When light slows down to all possible vibrations within the third dimension, consciousness manifests itself as form and eventually evolves into material objects or beings. Light contains all the information of all possible manifestations while consciousness is drawn to interpret as much information as it is able. What is seen is called an illusion because what you perceive is the resonance or individualized frequency that your senses can detect. That image is a projection of consciousness, not the consciousness itself.

Love ~ Most human beings search for love their entire lives; few can define it, and even fewer are able to find it. Love is thought to be an emotion, but it is much more than that because Love is the resonance of Goddess-God. It is the vibration that acts as the matrix for light, giving light the ability and will to create countless forms and objects in the image of the souls and spirits which inhabit them. One way to attempt to see Love for what it is is to study how you were taught to define it and how it is defined by others. It is defined as being a curse to being lucky, blamed, and praised for being negative or positive. It is described as the feelings of loss when it is withdrawn, feelings of worthlessness when it is rejected, and feelings of longing when it is desired. It is thought of as a force that draws people together but also proven that, given time, what was thought to be love is later discovered to be desire, hormones, re-creations of idealized childhood memories, and everything else but love. It is the energy we are within, but we are unaware that everything in its most complex and its simplest form is Love. It connects us to Goddess-God. It is life and everything living. Whatever is ascribed to Love can be proven to be motivated by an emotion that is not Love, yet to understand Love we must love someone or something more than we love ourselves. No one will ever be able to understand Love, but the spark within us that is Goddess-God All That Is will insure that we will never tire from the search.

Meditative traveling ~ There is little difference between you physically walking across the street and your walking into your past, future, or another world. When you walk across the street, you should be present while focusing on your environment. Feeling your feet, each step, the weight of your body moving, stretching muscles, and bending joints are all learned responses relegated to your unconsciousness to perform with near perfection. To travel meditatively, the opposite is suggested. You have to pay attention to every step, every feeling of each movement, and every body sensation while you are also making minute observations about your environment. You have to know that your body is safe and in a place where you will not be disturbed, a safe place, your safe place. If your body is safe, you have more of a chance to allow your focus to flow out of present time and space to begin to feel safe being in another time and space. Keep in mind that when you travel from one place to another, you do not go anyplace; you change vibrations or focus on a particular resonance until you are there. You travel nowhere; you go no place; you focus on a resonance; you feel yourself as that resonance, and you are there.

Psychic weight ~ Psychic weight is an accumulation or backlog of energy that most humans can feel in their individual mineral/ether bodies. This is psychic energy, not a physical sensation caused by interaction. It is important because it is a case of the non-physical being felt physically. Even more importantly, it is Soul warning its unaware, or better said, blind, deaf, and non-speaking consciousness that something is about to happen to its body. A doctor might prescribe a muscle relaxer or pain minimizer; a seer may see this as a wave, lump, or spike piercing one or all of the four bodies, and a metaphysician may focus on the weight, examine it, following it to its core, and from there heal it so Soul will experience it no more. Three separate techniques, one outcome.

Retarded beings ~ The retarded in retarded beings has to do with lack of evolution not developmentally challenged. A retarded being is one of various dimensions and densities who has refused to evolve, rejects the light, and claims that all creation is his or her own. They are self-focused and have developed personal sophistication such as intelligence, knowledge, and power accumulation. These abilities would give them an advantage over the service-to-others if it were not for human consciousness, self-awareness, and logic and reasoning. Most of these beings are smart and powerful but lack basic logic and reasoning skills. They are the universal narcissists who are unable to see beyond their own selves. This makes them very dangerous to human beings. Ahriman and Asuras are extremely sophisticated retarded beings who have some logic and reasoning abilities.

Safe place ~ A safe place is anywhere you are safe from distracting physical outside influences while you are meditating or contemplating. You may also develop a safe place within your meditative universe such as a cave, sacred place, or imaginative space.

Self, denied dark ~ This self is always present but through conscious denial is not acted on. The most obvious subjects in this regard are sex and intimacy.

Shadow gazing ~ Shadow gazing is a method of looking at shadows or dark spaces to see images of your unseen friends who are not controlled by your physical illusion. You can witness other worlds by looking indirectly into the darkness of shadows.

Shaman of old ~ Shamanism is usually associated with various aboriginal disciplines that focus on Earth-based spirituality. Shamans are healers of one or more of the bodies and, for the most part, performed these services for a tribe or small group. Each was also responsible for another very important service to humankind, that of maintaining their traditional customs and beliefs. By doing this they were the grounding and ballast, which helped balance the overzealousness of the ever-advancing evolution as it pushes the rest of humankind relentlessly forward. The abilities of these individuals decided the wealth and health of the group whether a hunter-gatherer society, an agrarian society that existed into the beginning of the twenty-first century, or those existing now who incarnated to help humankind evolve. There are only a few old shamans still practicing today. The rest are students of the shaman of old, and most of them are no longer in tune enough with the Earth to know what their teachers knew. Within a generation, these masters of the elements will be gone, but their legacy will live on because it will be updated to fit the present world and its very complex problems. Holding the information was the shamans of old’s purpose. Since most of us have at least one past life as a shaman, we all have on our spiritual level information within us that needs to be remembered. It is of great service to the world and ourselves for each of us to remember our shaman lifetimes, to re-experience how we balanced the world by holding our share of the ballast while the rest of humankind walked the path of spiritual evolution. If the shaman of old were to incarnate into a modern society, they would be its lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, and leaders; in fact, many presently performing these professions have shamanism in their spiritual DNA.

Shaman, The Twenty-First Century ~ Evolution means change, and change is feared. Evolution is also a flow that everyone must surf. It is not recommended to swim against this current. The shamanism of the twentieth century offered many solutions to problems of the times, but modern life requires a new shamanism demanded by the resonance of the New Age. The present fast pace of evolution requires everybody to think, feel, and act in shamanistic ways if their goal is to succeed in the future. Many of the methods and tools of the old shamans will be revised and updated to include the advances humans have made as they evolved and matured. For instance, to shape-shift into an animal or bird was a skill needed by the shaman of old. Now it is almost a lost skill because people are denser than they were when the old shamanism was at its peak. People in the New Age, however, must learn to shape-shift, not by altering the cellular structure of their mineral/ether bodies, but by traveling between worlds within a meditative state of mind. As fully conscious and aware beings, future generations must learn to travel through time and into spaces where they can observe, enter, and alter consequences, bodies, and events. A Twenty-First Century Shaman is totally conscious, aware, and sensitive to the physical body as the point of power. She is aware of all of her metaphysical bodies, their connections to the spiritual worlds, and the spiritual world’s connections to her.

Significant other ~ A significant other is a person who is in the position of influencing, imbuing, mentoring, or teaching another. There is a greater-than relationship, that is, the significant other is at the time of impact, bigger than, stronger than, or more informed than the impacted. Although the term today connotes sexual partnering, in this book a significant other rarely has either a sexual or partner connection unless otherwise specified or implied.

Sleep, ethereal ~ Everybody rests after they die, almost all immediately. A few wait a while. The duration of the sleep is individually decided based on the healing needed. This is the ethereal mirroring of wombtime, and similarly, it is followed by being reborn into the spiritual world. This sleep is one of the only times when Soul and Spirit can truly rest.

Soul and Spirit ~ When the words Soul and/or Spirit are capitalized, they refer to you because you are Soul and Spirit. By calling soul or spirit yours or mine, his or hers, or theirs implies that I, you, or those others are a part of Soul and Spirit, or that Soul and Spirit are a part of them, instead of them being Soul and Spirit. Again, you do not have a soul or spirit; you are Soul, you are Spirit.

Spirituality ~ A person’s spirituality is her relationship with her Goddess-God All That Is. If the relationship is with no god, as in atheism, then her relationship between herself and the no-thing is her spirituality. A person’s resonance signifies if their relationship with their Goddess-God All That Is is a brutal, empty, tough, or loving one. This cannot be disguised or hidden, but it can be deceiving. Spirituality can also be thought of as one’s level of responsibility with and to other human beings, whether service-to-others or service-to-self.

Stealing-the-soul ~ The fifth Atlantis Epoch ended abruptly some twenty-five thousand years ago and then took another fifteen-thousand years to disintegrate into the Post-Atlantis or Aryan Epoch. During most of that past epoch, the Atlanteans’ physical bodies were what is now our life-body or ether body. That body could not be killed in the same way our mineral/ether body of today can. The Atlantean way of killing a rival was to contain his or her energy until that energy died according to its blueprint. A type of embalming of both ether body and its organs was done to contain the soul until it departed when its allotted time was over, which today is called death. The embalming practices of today are but remnants of this process.

Three days of soul ~ The three days after both birth and death are very important to how Soul experiences the rest of its newly chosen life. After birth Soul has three days to examine its physical and mental bodies and forms, its chosen intimate family, and its total actual and probable lives from birth to death to assess if it has a chance to meet its obligations and contracts while incarnated in its new body. If the odds are high enough, the infant experiences life. If they are not, the soul and spirit chose to try again. Most Souls as infants who choose death are reborn to the grieving parents or born so they will come into contact with them in order to complete all the spiritual contracts involved.

After death, three days are allotted for Soul and Spirit to withdraw from the mineral/ether body. That etheric energy is actually withdrawn inward through the vortex which connected Soul and Spirit to the mineral/ether body during life. Whether the body remains intact, is cremated, or destroyed does not hamper the gathering by Soul/Spirit. This is a very important time for consciousness because the energy collected is an unbelievable amount of information about its life and the world it lived in.

Most of the newly departed are unaware of this so the consciousness is lulled into a type of sleep. It could be likened to entering a dream state of intense joy and elation during which the consciousness is so caught up in the intensity it releases the energy or information as soon as it is gathered and for the duration of the three days. The metaphysician is consciously aware of the importance of not succumbing to this siren call to rest and sleep but intends to stay awake during the time Soul/Spirit reclaims their energy.

Being awake during those three days insures that the information recalled is added to the accumulating information you will eventually use to create your next life. This allows access to choices which you would not have had had you succumbed to sleep unknowingly releasing the information into the greater You where it is archived and almost impossible to access. If you do not care that your next life is another bad movie, sleep. If you do care, every time you think of death, change your thought and feelings by reminding yourself to stay awake upon your death. Over time any unwanted thought or fear of death will fade as you remind yourself of the importance of your staying awake when you choose to pass.

Trancing ~ Trancing is a state of active being. It is an eyes wide open consciously aware meditation where your consciousness puts your mineral/ether body in a state of total relaxation while it remains awake and aware. This is not meditation by clearing the mind, but an actual act of descending into oneself. Focusing starts with conscious awareness of your Now by sensing everything within you, then by allowing your senses to expand slowly away from your body until you feel a slight thickness. If you take the time to explore the thickness that encircles you like a bubble, you will at the least feel very safe. Using this ability to concentrate, you can focus on expanding exponentially or contracting to the smallest pinpoint, all the while holding your attention to the environment your body is in. This is a Now state of being which transcends time and space. While your mineral/etheric body is resting deeply, it can heal and rejuvenate itself because it is unimpeded by your consciousness. While your focus becomes laser-like, allow your attention to feel outside of your physical body. You can then sense being more than your physical body because you become conscious of being present in your astral body.

Trancing, self-suggestive ~ This is the act of giving yourself suggestions when your focus is laser-like and you are aware of yourself being in another space.

Un-feelings ~ Un-feelings are feelings you have but are unaware you have. They often dictate reactions, which result from no thought because the feelings are unknown and therefore they and their reactions are seldom perceived, recognized, or accepted.

Wombtime ~ Wombtime is the author’s term for the duration a fetus spends in the womb between conception and birth. During these very busy forty or so weeks, the fetus’s environment is supposed to be stress- and anxiety-free. If it is not, problems are encountered which will probably be experienced throughout one’s lifetime. At present no womb-born child experiences a stress and anxiety-free wombtime.



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