Tales of a Luciferic Archangel Walk-In


Introduction: Tales of a Luciferic Archangel Walk-In

What do a Luciferic Archangel walk-in, an aging healer, and various people with stories to tell have in common? Not much, but when they meet their stories merge, understandings are achieved, and questions are born. In serialized form, someone’s story is told exclusively on The stories and characters are thoughts to be considered, realities to be questioned, and awarenesses that refuse to be minimized or forgotten.

Note to Clear the Air

People nurtured in Christian world beliefs are right when they think that Lucifer, the devil, Satin, and hell are synonymous with evil. Lucifer however is neither the devil nor Satin and his dwelling place is not hell, a name having no space or place in any world. Lucifer is an archangel, a prisoner caught in space where he and his minions spend time influencing human beings to be anything but physical and to become addicted to behaviors, feelings, and thoughts that are often detrimental to us, so they are therefore evil.

Held back archangels are trapped in Lucifer’s dominion, but they are not under his control. They remain in his dominion until they eventually earn their freedom and return to the worlds of full light. Until then they are referred to as Luciferian Archangels. This is a rare glimpse into a very curious Lucifarian Archangel and how he is attempting to rejoin his evolutionary stream outside of darkness and devoid of evil.

One name for the devil or Satin is Ahriman and his dwelling place is what we call hell. He and his host Asuras will be discussed in some of the stories which follow.

Ronin the Luciferic Archangel

The protagonist Ronin is not human. He is an archangel albeit a held-back one which places him in the twilight realms under Lucifer’s legions as a Luciferic Archangel. In his many attempts to catch up to and rejoin his ever-expanding evolutionary stream, he has focused a part of himself on and in a human body. To accomplish this exceedingly difficult procedure, he was assisted by a host of specialized etheric beings and is bound under contract to a human whose Christian name is Bert.

He names himself Ronin after the moniker given the masterless samurai; as a held-back archangel, he considers himself without a master since he rejected joining Lucifer in the shadows, and like many of the held-back archangels he is working with the physical realm to earn the ability to rejoin his archangel evolutionary stream.

As Ronin would eventually explain, “This is my first attempt at stepping into a mineral/physical body and so far, I am not very good at it. A few of my fellow held-back archangels and some more advanced spiritual beings have been borrowing bodies —a procedure you call walk-ins—since human beings developed bodies with advanced enough intellects combined with refined senses that could be used to further our stream’s evolution as well as your own. Many of your greatest evolutionary changes and worst tragedies were orchestrated by similar walk-ins from beyond your evolutionary stream. I am not here to create change or tragedy but to study and experience human emotion and how it relates to the body, mind, and manifestation at your present evolutionary level. Bert’s body will help me greatly with this most important goal and it is my intent, if you choose, that you walk a bit on this path with me.”

Ronin agreed to right Bert’s many crimes, batteries, and misdeeds, including help for Bert to advance spiritually and work out much of his ‘karma.’ Without Ronin’s help, Bert would have to spend many lifetimes repairing the damage done to himself and others during this lifetime, but with the help, he will have a new lease on his soul/spirit evolution. Ronin explained the relationship as “I work with and through Bert’s physical/mineral body as you might think a puppeteer would smoothly transfer the slightest hand gestures into the graceful pirouettes of a marionette. The cords that connect us are not simple strings but down stepped energy and intent which guides his body, is working on readjusting his emotions, and in the process of clearing his thoughts.”

Aging Healer

The aging healer is doing what most people his age are doing, rethinking his life, reevaluating his spirituality, and reorganizing his metaphysical beliefs and views. He is interested in aging because he is experiencing it and because he has found very little information about its purpose; instead, he has found fantasy, misinformation, and dread associated with the subject. He has set out to find the answers he believes he missed during his studies in his younger years. He is looking for his own self-awareness—a quest he thinks is one developmental effect of aging.

Guests, Contacts, Interviews, and Surprises

As you weave your way through these tales you will discover that the people Ronin gathers are average people, but with one alteration. For the duration of their story, they are unable to lean on their most dependable and used asset, the ability to lie or at the least bend, stretch, or ignore the truth. The guests are in their dream bodies but appear in physical form. As Ronin explained he imbued their dream bodies with substance making them appear as mineral/physical beings. They are unable to remanufacture the truth because their dream bodies have no investment in exaggeration or falsehoods. They can only tell the truth as they know it and experience it.

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