Thought Forms and Politics

07 Oct 2021 – Note: I use the pronouns she and her instead of he/she or him/her when referring to more than one person of different genders for ease of writing and the fact that women are more often the victims then men.

I use this example — The Curse of the Chippendalesto illustrate what can and does affect our politicians causing some of them to become evil when they started out attempting to do good for their constituents. Thought forms are insidious, but they can be easily shucked and discarded.

The Curse of the Chippendales
may not be an actual curse, it may be more. The curse is actually the result of something that is invisible to the eye, inaudible to the ear, and so light that a handful of it hits a person anyplace on their four physical bodies it will not be consciously noticed. This substance has the insidious ability to contain intent which is usually not advantageous to its target.

The substance in question are thoughts manifesting as thought forms. Thoughts are physical phenomena which are etheric in nature, sticky as a substance, and moves instantly through time and space to attach to the intended target where they will stay until the target sheds them or the creator of the thought form calls it back. A thought form is seldom called back because the recipient has no idea it is attached.

A talker emits sounds and thinkers releases thoughts. Human beings have yet to evolve the ability to ‘see’ thought forms like they hear sounds or see objects, but humans are affected by them, often detrimentally because they accumulate. Accumulation means that the intent strengthens over time until its resonance effects the recipient.

Because the thought-forms are unseen, unfelt, and sticky they tend to layer or cake onto the receiver. If the receiver is unaware of the etheric energy clinging to her she will remain unaware of the damages that the resonance causes.  are often fatal to her reputation, honor, and could even threaten her life.

Movie stars to sports figures to porno actors and actresses along with anyone followed by adoring or lustful crowds will eventually suffer from a relatively unknown phenomena called thought form suffocation.

Thought form suffocation happens when the person becomes overburdened by the weight and energy of the accumulated thought forms of others that have built up on their bodies. Its effects are usually diagnosed as exhaustion, experiencing unpredictable to psychotic behavior, nervous breakdowns, physical sicknesses, confusion, and various other maladies.


The Curse of the Chippendales is the curse of people who are exposed to others sending thought forms at them and the reasons a lot of people become occupational burnout victims ruining their lives because they are unable to find an answer to what was ailing them. This suffocating energy can be easily released.

I worked with cocktail waitresses employed in the casino industry in Las Vegas and Atlantic City who suffered similar problems that plagued the Chippendales, politicians, and celebrities. Desire, jealousy, envy, hate, anger, and the feelings that are often mistaken for love are examples of thought forms that stick to and accumulate on the parts of the bodies that are targeted or representative of the thoughts sent.

Knowledge is the first defense, the information and meditation to rid self of accumulated thought forms will be published as blog posts in the future.


(Note: The Chippendales were a 1980’s all-male striptease dance troupe who would have been suffocated by sexual thought form energy of countless women and some men. Some of them participated in crimes that ended in murder.)