Subliminal Messages – Male

The subliminal messages on the AM and the PM Inner Child Recordings are simple but effective statements to your subconscious and unconscious minds. These statements repeated throughout each recording are inaudible to the conscious mind, but the subconscious and unconscious minds listen and react to every word. Each statement is deliberately inaudible to your conscious mind because listening to these statements or mantras is boring because of their repetitive nature. The statements will be heard by your subconscious and unconscious minds and they will act on them since both of those minds are designed to always react to and support positive suggestions.

The AM and PM Inner Child Recordings are designed to help you gently enter your past where you can work with your ‘inner child’ to release the anchors such as trauma, negative drama, and damaging beliefs which hold parts of you in past times and spaces. Compulsively reacting to emotions and beliefs from your upbringing is a part of your ‘inner child’s legacy but as you grow older having your inner child act out in your grown-up life will keep you from actualizing your dreams, destroy what you have worked your entire life for, or keeping you feeling like a child when you are not. These feelings and beliefs are repeated by your internal conversation subliminally throughout your awake hours keeping that part of you occupied while your conscious mind is being kept busy with its duties in its outside world. The subliminal messages are designed to bypass your conscious resistance and for a short time replace your negative internal dialogue.

Your internal conversations negatively affect you because they are always attempting to make your actions right and everyone else’s wrong. If you listen you will discover what you think of yourself which is usually not pleasant. One way to counteract negative internal conversation is to stop it entirely and live in the Now, but most of us did not incarnate into these difficult times to spend our life training to stop our internal conversations when they will automatically cease immediately after our deaths. Another is to consciously use positive subliminal messages during meditations and in various audio recordings to change negative opinions we have of ourselves. Subliminal messages are extremely effective but they should not be overused.

The subliminal messages within the AM and PM recordings are listed below and are statements that your subconscious and unconscious minds will positively react to. When your conscious mind knows what its subconscious and unconscious minds are absorbing subliminally the messages become more effective.

Your feelings are a powerful way to discover what belief systems are stored in your subconscious and unconscious minds that produce the parts of your reality that are not what you asked for or wanted to manifest in your reality.

Each message is four-seconds long followed by a four-second pause. The messages on the PM recording are overlapping. Both recordings have inhale and exhale subliminal suggestions which help with harmonizing your physical body with your emotional and mental bodies.

 The subliminal messages on the Inner Child AM Recording are:

“It is OK to best Daddy” & “Mommy and I are one”

The subliminal messages on the Inner Child PM Recording are:

“The Angles Love Me” and “Mommy and I are one”


“The Angels and I are One” and “It is OK to best Daddy”

The message “Mommy and I are one” is not meant for your grown-up self or your adult self. No matter what your present thoughts about your mother are, your ‘inner child’ wants desperately to be one with his mother, like he was before birth. This is Soul and Spirit integration since the suggestions cushions your fetal and infant ‘inner child’ into a state of love and safety. It will not register with the part of your mind that may have conflict with your biological mother. It will register to that part of your mind that is developing a relationship with your spiritual mother or your archetypal mother. It is that development that will either soften or heal most mother-son conflicts.

The message “It is OK to best Daddy” is not meant as beating your father up or taking advantage of him. This statement will be taken by your subconscious and unconscious minds that it is OK for you to do better than your father something that you were supposed to learn from your father and something the he was supposed to learn from his father or father figures. Sons being better than their fathers creates positive personal and social evolution, but traumas, dramas, and the imbued false and damaging early childhood taught beliefs have to be healed on the inner child level in order for positive father-to-son evolution to take place. Inner child work is necessary for a grown-up to mature into an adult.

The message “It is OK to best Daddy” has the effect of releasing you from the guilt that if you are better in business, love, personality, etc., etc. than your father you are doing something wrong or impossible. Your ‘inner child’ looks up to his father as someone who knows everything and can do anything so how can you surpass that icon? Your ‘inner child’ looks to his father as a god so it is inconceivable to your ‘inner child’ that he can best or be better than god.

“It is OK to best Daddy” will be listened to by the part of your inner mind that still retains the belief that you could never do better or be better than your father. That belief keeps people from meeting their maximum potential and some from meeting any potential at all because somehow it is wrong to do and be better than your father.

That belief is changed using these subliminal messages and it is replaced with the idea that as good and as great as the father is to that little boy, the man that you are now is no longer bound to either the child’s or father’s limitations.