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Script – Inner Child – Good Morning – Female – 13 Minutes


Good morning. Good morning.

And take some deep breaths keeping your eyes closed for a moment and feeling the feelings sense of the quietness inside.

But feel the breath, feel the breaths, and start to wake your body up, start to wake your body up.

Both your eyes still closed, feel the feeling sense of the room and feel your safety inside of this room.

Feel everything that is there. Feel the furnishing, feel the walls. Feel the color, feel the ceiling, feel the floor, and sense your body. Sense your body starting to wake even more, sense your body starting to wake even more.

And call in all your unseen friends. Surround yourself and if you do not see them, if you do not feel them, know that they are there. Know that they are there and that they love you.

Feel the bedding, clothes, feel whatever is touching your body and imagine that your unseen friends are touching you, loving you, watching over you, and they are here to help you this morning on your journey.

Feel the angels around you and sense your safety as you start to think about your day. And feel the day.

Think about where you are going to go, think about who you are going to see, and think about what you are about to do today. And feel your body.

Feel if you are breathing increased. Feel if your muscles tighten. Sense your body and as you feel the feeling sense of how your body reacted feel your body now and notice the changes that happened since you started to think of what you are going to say today, what you’re going to do today, and who you are about to see today. Feel your body and notice the changes, maybe in breath, maybe in a heartbeat, maybe in the sense of the muscles, tightness, tension, heaviness, lightness.

Feel your throat, sense your stomach, your solar plexus. Feel if your arms are heavier or light, tense or tight. Notice how your body feel and begin to think, begin to remember where you grew up. Just think of one of the places if there were many.

Where did you grow up? In your mind, start to think back when you were a child. Where you lived and in your mind, place yourself just as you are, dressed as you would like to be, standing in front of the place that you grew up as a child. And feel your body. (04:33)

Visualize yourself standing in front of this residence just as you are at this time today and feel the feeling sense of your feet on the floor. Feel them. Feel the feeling sense of what is underneath your feet—floor, sidewalk, stone, sand, dirt, grass. Feel your feet standing and feel the feelings end to the slight weight of your body standing on your feet.

Feel your body, smell the smells, remember, remember, because you are there. And you are there standing in front of this residence feeling this feeling, noticing that the sun is just rising over the horizon. It’s very early morning and you are there and walk into this residence and find the child. The child is there sleeping. The child is there, sleeping, sleeping.

She is there, find her. Find her. Such a beautiful child. Such a wonderful child. Sleeping. Sleeping. Notice her, but do not wake her, stand next to her. And looking at her. How beautiful. How innocent. How wonderful. How soft. Touch your hair. Put your head in her hair and smell her.

Be there and very gently wake her. Very gently wake her. Tell her that you are her future self and that you have come to play with her, to be with her. Feeling being touched, feeling, being loved. Dress her if she needs help. Let her dress herself if she can and notice all the clothes are new and soft. They fit her beautifully and take the child by the hand and lead her outside. And do what she asked you to do and the sun rises to noon and you keep playing with her.

And the day passes so fast, so quick. Having so much fun. She’s having so much fun. But she’s getting tired. And it’s time to take her to her safe place.

And as you touch her you find yourself there standing in front of the most beautiful little house safe in her safe place. Feeling the feeling sense of the gravel of the path under your feet. Smell the smells of this place. Allow this place to open in front of you and unfold. See the steps and the porch, see the front door, and the windows and the window dressings inside of the windows.

And take the child there up the steps listening to the sounds of your footsteps. Listen to the sounds of the porch boards squeak and open the door in or out, right or left? And take the child inside. Spiritual mother and spiritual father is there. And find them. Find mother. Find father. The most beautiful woman, the most beautiful man that you have ever seen. Maybe not in body, maybe not in face. So beautiful. So soulful. Take the child there and the mother and the father are waiting by the bed to tuck the child in and say good night. And feel the feeling sense of the safety of this place as the child’s tucked in and is safe for the day. As the child is tucked in and you are safe for the day.

To begin to wake up even more and start to feel the feeling sense of your body in this world. Present, awake, and aware and being very aware even of the bottom of your feet, the palms of your hands. Being even aware of the top of your head, the front and back.

Your inner child is safe for the day. She’s safe. She’s safe. She’s happy. She’s joyful. She’s wondrous. Before you go. Tell the child that you are her future self and that she is not to come to you, you will come to her. Your world is just too complex for her.

She is with her spiritual mother and her spiritual father. She is safe and as you think of the safety, you can feel the feeling sense of the safety in your body right this moment. And you feel the feeling sense of that waking energy coming into your body. Feeling your body waking. Feeling your body strong. Feeling your body powerful.

And as you feel the safety start to feel the feeling sense of the safety in your room. Feel your body waking, waking, even more. Present, present as you feel the feeling sense to the bottom of your feet and even feel your presence below your feet as you feel the feeling sense of the hands, feel presents outside of your hands. Feel the energy around your body. Feel your body starting to wake, starting to wake and feel how relaxed you are. But how awake you are, how present you are? Good morning. Good morning. As you open your eyes. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.