Audio – Meditations, Subliminals, & Instructions


Inner Child – PM – Female 11 Minutes



Make yourself very comfortable and allow your body to start to relax. Allow your body to let down let go and feel the feeling sense as your body starts to relax. At the very bottoms of your feet, the palms of your hands are starting to allow all the tension all the tightness of today and yesterday and even tomorrow and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow to flow out, out of your body and away. And feel the feeling sense of your body starting to relax as all the tension, all the tightness, all the heaviness, or lightness starts to flow down, down, down, down, through your legs and away.

Down, down, down, down through your arms and out your fingertips themselves. And as you sense your arms and legs relaxing, feel the feeling sense across your shoulders. Feel the back of your neck. Feel your throat beginning to relax and sense all the tightness, all the heaviness, all the responsibility, and duties flowing down, down, down and away. Notice the feeling sense of the muscles around your rib gauge relaxing, down, down deeper. Solar plexus stomach muscles, hips relaxing, down, down, down. All the tension. All the tightness. All the heaviness, all the lightness flows down, down, down, down, down and away. And you go deeper, deeper, deeper feeling the relaxation flowing into your throat, the back of your neck, the sides of your neck. Relaxing. Feeling the relaxation flowing into your jaw, into your teeth, into your chin, and lips, cheeks, nose, eyes, forehead, top of head.

Feel the relaxation flowing into your ears, your temples as you relax, down, down, down deeper, deeper, and deeper still, and deeper still. Noticing your body relaxing as you’re breathing starts to slow down, heartbeat starts to slow. Relaxing.

As you relax your breathing slows down to a healthy pace. Going deeper, going deeper, going deeper. Going deeper. Deeper. Deeper.

Thinking back and feel your body relaxing with every breath with every heartbeat. And as it relaxes, it becomes healthier. It becomes stronger. But as you feel the body relaxing allow your mind to go back in time. Remember a bedroom, a place were you as a child used to sleep. Feel your body so relaxed, so calm. Feel the feeling sense of the safety around you. The safety that is around you.

Feel the feeling sense of safety around you as your body sinks into a very deep, deep, deep, deep, sleep. But listening to every sound. Hearing my voice. Finding yourself in the bedroom so long ago standing next to the place that you slept as a child. Feel yourself there standing with your feet on the floor, feel the floor. Soft, hard, carpet, wood. What’s under your feet? (07:06)

Look at the child sleeping. Is the child afraid? Is the child sleeping deeply? Look at the child. Look at the child. She is you. You are her. Look at the child and stand next to the bed and very quietly look around. Remember the room? Remember the windows? Remember the walls. Remember the ceilings. The color. The design.

What is the room made of? Feel yourself standing there and let your memory unfold as much as it can. But feel the child, feel the child, and touch the child. Gently, lovingly, touch the child and tell the child that you are her future self. And that you have come to be with her tonight. To protect her tonight and to let her sleep a deep and peaceful sleep. (09:02)

And tell her that you would like to feel safe with her tonight. Safe, quiet, warm, protected as you go very deeply asleep. Put your body next to hers and feel her. Put your arms around her and love her and tell her that you’re there for her and that you’re going to sleep so deeply tonight. And it’s going to be so safe for her tonight. She’s safe with you. And you go deeper. And she goes deeper. And you go deeper and she goes deeper. And you go deeper. And she goes deeper. Down, down, deeper. Asleep. Asleep. Safe. Asleep.