Maturation – Pre-Conception to 21 Years of Age

If one of your life purposes is to advance human evolution through the way you change what you can about how you age and what you learn from dying consciously, the journey starts with understanding your fears about aging, dying, and death. This fear can only be found while meditating and contemplating your aging, the stages you experience during your death, and your death itself. The key is becoming conscious of these processes and how you feel about them. The process may seem grim and distasteful, but the outcome can be soul freeing, calming, and enlightening experience. It sounds crazy, so why would you?

You came into this world as a blank slate, but you did not leave the soul and spirit worlds as a blank slate. You were conceived, then born fully aware of the worlds you left, but with no concept of what physical life would be like. You were born helpless within your physical body and it took you twenty or more years to learn how to walk, talk, and think. What you did not know is that you spent that twenty or so year learning to forget the spiritual worlds you had to die too to enter this life. As human beings become conscious while experiencing the feared developmental stages of aging, old age, dying, and death, they will learn to change what is now automatically and instinctively programmed, expected, and agreed upon rules limiting life span, health, and mental capacity.

I have spent the last 40 years as a multidimensional healer and as an empath, I have experienced countless inner, past, and future worlds while guiding clients through their past or future traumas and darkest previous lives. If that sounds impressive it is not. Being a multidimensional healer was my job and I took it seriously spending most of my awake moments thinking about or traveling in and out of time and space, walking between worlds, and communicating with some remarkable beings. Why? Because I loved the work and what it taught me.
I believe that every human is becoming consciously aware whether they understand or not. The inability to understand is the cause of much of the chaos and confusion in the world. We are at the beginning of an evolutionary change that will take centuries to complete but many people alive today brought skills and knowledge that they can awaken during this lifetime to complete their part in the equation that will energize this change.
We all have angels and unseen friends protecting us and it is time that we learn how to communicate with them and discover our unique skills and knowledge.

I created this website to help me organize the thoughts and ideas I have been fortunate to experience through my work as a Multidimensional Healer.

I am on a sabbatical in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. I read but seldom answer email because of a lack of time.


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