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Also found within the inner child are powerful core beliefs that run our lives on a subconscious level. These debilitating core beliefs can be discovered and healed by communicating with and loving the wounded inner child. Those who have worked with their inner children without allowing that child to be real, to be felt, and loved, would find the work to be ineffective. Using the information, downloads, and recorded meditations provided may help you meet, learn to love and heal your inner child. You may even get a glimpse of your magical child, the archetype of the child you strive to be, and one of the keys to your transcendence.

Your physical body grows and matures automatically and instinctively due to a myriad of incomprehensible evolutionary factors, but your emotional and mental bodies must mature by experience, training, and learning. A grown-up and an adult are as different as the moon and the sun. In this analogy, the adult is the sun and until recently few people have had the potential of maturing to the level of adult. It is possible to obtain partial adulthood by maturing facets of grown-up-hood like occupation, physical perfections, skills, and other perfected abilities. For example, the education system is focused on developing careers while leaving emotional and mental skills to individuals to work out themselves.

Sadness always accompanies the loss of greatness and in this chaotic phase of our evolution masters, teachers, and healers are needed more than ever yet finding one is becoming difficult if not impossible. Many in the healing arts are becoming extinct and their absence will be felt until the medical establishment incorporates Soul and Spirit into the art of medicine. The masters of their fields on every continent held a stabilizing space for humankind while the rest of humankind blindly and without responsibility ran away from nature as we evolved toward our future. We have ridden our stupidity as far as it can carry us forcing us to realize that we must understand our relationship with nature and our responsibilities as guardians regarding her.

The chaos in the world is an announcement that the completion of the cycle of violence is coming to an end, not tomorrow or next year, in fact, it will not be seen by anyone alive today because winding down from violence will take a long time. Human beings resist letting go of anything and violence feeds something within us that we have yet to face. Within this chaos, humankind is again face to face with nature but this time not as children requiring nurturing but as the guardians of the very earth that has suckled us since we became mineral in her image like all her creatures. Shamanism is a part of the human evolutionary stream, not aa a passing skill in the use of crystals, feathers, herbs, and incantation, but an ongoing way of life. Everything that the shaman of old used from nature is within us. It is a part of our nature which means that all of us are shamans.

The shaman of the 20th century and before were dependent on the earth and her creatures for protection, guidance, and sustenance. The 21st Century Shaman gives protection, guidance, and sustenance to Mother Earth using personal powers that must manifest from within. This requires all humans to become guardians of the earth by developing new and innovative methods and techniques to understand how guardianship is done. It does not only mean picking up a shovel to plant a tree, for most of us it means thinking, contemplating, and meditating on what the earth would be like if it were cared for and nurtured. Those unable to physically nurture can create nurturing through imagination, thinking, and shared belief. All these are concepts that can be made real using the tools of the shaman of the 20th century and before.

Guardianship of the earth is why we were created. Eventually, we will soar to greater heights but first, we must individually live the shaman way adapted to the modern world and its responsibilities. The tools of the shaman of old are still valid but they must be updated to work in the modern world. The shaman of old healed the hearts and bodies of their people. The shaman of the future first heals their own hearts and bodies while creating their world as they desire. Anyone with a healed heart automatically heals the hearts they touch. The part within all of us that is a 21st Century Shaman is waking and calling us to acknowledge it and to work with the tools given us by the shaman of old. They built their world and passed the skills to us. They did not pass their folkways and mores because we live in a world where the creation of new folkways and mores is still in flux, still being tested, and evaluated.

The years between the developmental stages of pre-conception and young adulthood or the first twenty-one years are physical growth-oriented to learning to walk, talk, and think. The next twenty-one years focus on developing the skills learned in the first twenty-one. This is the grown-up stage. The next twenty-one years are spent attempting to override the grown-up habits to become an adult. The next two stages are the refinement years of aging, the first grown-up aging where we have to learn about our true self, and the last stage is the adult-aging stage which makes peace with the experienced traumas, difficulties, betrayals, and beliefs that define us. Both, grown-up aging, and adult aging are haunted by the shadows of the inevitability of dying and death, but only an adult aged person greets death as a friend.

I use the term AgeHealing to define and organize my thoughts about the process for the knowledge that will eventually override the instinctive and automatic reactions we have to aging, dying, and death. This is not a half-baked idea that promotes age-defying products or promises of a healthier or longer life that turns out to be impossible to manifest. This is a discussion about aging that every older person participates in either by themselves or with others. No matter the person when age is realized AgeHealing is needed.

Our present beliefs and expectations are restricting because we believe in mass consciousness’ constant reminders that we have no say about aging nor can we change it. It is best to understand mass consciousness for what it is and abandon our reliance on it. Aging, dying, and death are designed to be pleasurable and rewarding experiences but they are usually fraught with anxiety, anticipation, and fear. There are no ‘how to’ manuals or instructions but there are humans and a few yet to be born who are destined to develop paths, methods, and techniques that all future humans will incarnate consciously aware of. The fieldwork is being done by everyone who has reached an age that they believe represents their classification of being old.

Those experiencing aging during this century are unconsciously and subconsciously developing the base that future generations will use to change how they age. AgeHealing is an attempt to add to that base so that when we reincarnate again aging, dying, and death will be pleasurable experiences that will be understood, accepted, and consciously chosen. Consciously participating in your aging will catapult your evolution forward and add your contribution to the human evolutionary stream’s future. The present generations alive will build the base while future generations will resonate with the manuals and instructions for pleasurable aging.

Every major awakening requires a journey and Journey Into Self focuses on the experiences and understanding of our multidimensional selves. This website offers techniques and methods that may help you on your personal journey. We can alter our current known reality by becoming aware of our core beliefs and either changing or containing them. This goal is attainable through self-guiding meditations and becoming aware of how our emotions control our lives negatively. We are in the habit of wasting an extraordinary amount of time keeping our present reality functioning because we either disdain or fear change. Change is our only hope. It is not to be controlled, manipulated, or forced. It is to be consciously planned instead of how it functions now, automatic, and instinctive. The journey into oneself is a solo experience supported by streams of consciousness from the sub-realms to the Creator herself. We each hold the key to our healing. Some can find that key, others because of their search help others find theirs. Some of the methods and techniques to help you on your journey may be listed below.

We are multidimensional beings who need multidimensional approaches to our health and well-being. We think we are the third-dimensional mineral/physical body we inhabit but we are not our bodies, we are so much more. We are multi dimensional with a body for each level—etheric, astral, mental, spiritual—all of which will fall away when their forms are no longer necessary and their worlds no longer call us. All diseases, potential accidents, and designed traumas and dramas start with Soul because the only way to get consciousness to pay attention to a problem or to learn a needed lesson, discipline, or responsibility is easily overlooked if the body is healthy and carefree. Soul relies on its physical consciousness to search for the cause of the malady or the resistance because once found and understood the physical body, emotional body, and mental body are able to heal themselves.

You heal multidimensionally when Soul is able to heal herself so it is a wise choice to learn what you need to discover and uncover about yourself as Soul and stop thinking that you have a soul because you are Soul. Consciously discover what is ailing you. Is it a trauma, drama, belief, or confusion that is holding a part of one of your bodies in a space and time that restricts or inhibits you from meeting your life’s expectations?

Physical science works to adjust the chemicals in the body or to remove or replace parts or pieces. They are very good at the mechanics of the body, but total reliance on that science while rejecting the spiritual science of the metaphysician is weakening and slowly changing. More emphasis needs to be placed on the things that individuals can do to affect them as Soul such as the role entity attachments, past life connections, negative thought forms, cellular memory, fragments of others that we have attracted, or fragments of ourselves that we have lost affects us. We carry devices, implants, damaged blueprints, genetic programming, and trapped energy patterns. These are the ideas, concepts, and methods that can heal Soul no matter what they are called or by whom.

Names and definitions restrict and limit our growth. Search within yourself for nomenclatures and tags to place on your restrictions and limitations but look at them with the eyes of a stranger and think of them as you would another’s because almost everything in our awareness leads to the conclusion that there is nothing more to your reality than what you see, feel, touch, taste, or smell (ordinary reality). However, if you alter your state of consciousness, you can open your awareness beyond the third dimension to the vastness of the worlds that interact with and affect your lives (non-ordinary reality). By looking at an issue on its many dimensions from Source to self, we can finally release it at every affected level. By consciously unburdening ourselves of our anchors to the past we can allow ourselves to ascend to a higher spiritualized life in our next life and live a more harmonious life now.

Journey Into Self is the label under which I gather the techniques and methods I have learned from those I was fortunate to work with as they searched their worlds to solve the riddles their life presented them. These are presented here and I hope will be added to your world views, training, understanding, and beliefs because the wisdom that you have about yourself is greater than that which I offer here. Together they may give you the strength that you need to complete the rest of your life with aplomb, grace, and dignity. You cannot imagine how deeply and permanently you can change the world by making small changes within yourself.

Electromagnetic Energy focuses on the experiences and understanding of our multidimensional selves. Every human being alive today is here to accomplish their life’s purpose which will elevate them both physically and spiritually. Life is not a fluke, it is not random, it is planned, executed, and kept real by you because you are the creator of your reality. You are a flawed god spelled with a small g because you have so much more to experience and learn before you can be the God you were created to be. We are all becoming aware of being conscious and those who search within themselves for the answers can find them by looking inside for those gems we hid away to help us on this most important journey of this, any past, or future life. You will remember this lifetime as the most influential but you can make it exponentially more impactful by becoming aware of your becoming conscious. You cannot change your reason for being but you can change yourself and your future self, the person who can accomplish your purpose for being. You have the tools, the training, and the potential to handle this world with aplomb.

When you become consciously aware of yourself you can start to change your world from the present to the probable, from probable to potential, and then to the possible. Such development to the realms of the possible will take us many lifetimes of hard-living work but since you are on this earth with bodies, senses, feelings, and minds experiencing each moment as one probable consciously aware being flowing in a stream of creation called evolution you may as well start practicing now. Keep in mind that you are flowing in the human evolutionary stream of countless individual Souls and Spirits toward a goal we cannot comprehend but are reverently being drawn to. You are not alone, but alone you can help to change everything.

You can change the weather, world hunger, along with many other human miseries even yours. There is a catch though, you have to take responsibility for your creations—your body, relationships, wealth, and power— because of your actions you are responsible for every sense, feeling, or thought experienced by any harmed being in any kingdom—mineral, plant, animal, or human. This sensitivity is interesting if you have the courage to examine it. You will discover that it is the closest consciousness can come to actually feeling itself as Soul and Spirit because Soul/Spirit is directly connected to these sensitivities. Soul/Spirit uses body sensations, emotions, feelings, and thoughts as guides to reach into the future to design your future lives. The more aware consciousness can become, the more conscious you can become, and the more you can help you-as-Soul/Spirit to plan those lives. It’s a win, win situation.

We become trapped in time the moment we-as-Soul make the commitment to enter the fetus or newborn. The moment the commitment to life is made we are trapped in time until Soul decides to end that life and Soul always decides when life will end and when it will begin again. There are no other decision makers when life or death is decided. Time forces us to experience our creations from start to finish, from the Now to death. We act, react, over, and again until we understand how we create the reality we find disappointing, painful, loveless, lonely, or downright difficult. Until then we will continue our desperate attempts to find someone or something else to blame for our miseries. Taking responsibility is not blaming self for past actions but examining one’s actions and uncreating them. Self-forgiveness is always the last and final step in self-healing whatever the damage, trauma, or drama suffered.

Electromagnetic energy seldom enters normal conversation but it plays a very significant role in everyone’s lives. Identifiable energy of any kind is a multidimensional resonance that is able to be measured by physical instruments but scientists and their instruments cannot measure the energy’s presence and effect in other dimensions and densities. I refer to electromagnetic energy and my work with it as EME. EME represents the energy and also the information about how to use the energy. EME is called the power of prayer, the stuff that forms miracles, psychic energy, or a myriad of other names and explanations. You can, however, call it anything you would like after all it is energy and energy is flexible.

I started developing EME two decades ago but became bogged down by life and I wandered away from the project but I did not forget the idea. Now that my life has calmed a bit, I am attempting to reconstruct the project. Hundreds of meditations are required with over half already written and half of those recorded.

Human beings are hardwired to electromagnetic energy. It is absorbed by and emanates from everything to everything. Without it, we would be as lifeless as a broken toaster, but with it, there is power that can be yielded by the weakest and less advantaged of us all. EME can be used to create or destroy but EME’s destructive power always implodes within its actor while the creative power stretches and expands into the future. Both experiences temper the other, the destructive power resists the power that expands while the expansiveness drags the resistance forward. It is a constant tug-a-war that is always won by the future dragging itself forward.

EME is a working project designed to help individuals make a difference by participating in the healing of Mother Earth, the maturation of her inhabitants, and the healing of family, friends, and oneself. It will consist of meditations that concentrate the power of EME on eight focus sources—Earth – Fire – Wind – Water – Pestilence – Famine – War – Birth and Death.

For instance, mother earth is troubled by volcanoes, earthquakes, and extreme weather as well as greedy corporations, criminal governments, and ill-informed citizens. The resistance against any single person’s efforts to help mother earth is overwhelming but two or more people meditating at the same time on the same item such as a storm, drought, or flood can make a difference.

Physicists are starting to acknowledge what metaphysicians have always known, life is an illusion. Politics then is also an illusion and illusions are malleable and influenceable by dark, light, and in-between beings. As a mental phenomenon, politics is the development of consensual relationships through debate, compromise, and agreement. Its consequences on the lives of physical beings can be negligible to substantial and as an art form, it can be graceful and compassionate or rigid and uncompromising. Reading about politics can tell you more about your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts than any therapist, meditation, or contemplation.

Political Metaphysics discusses the news from my metaphysical understanding. I believe that politics is a window into the future, physically, metaphysically, and spiritually. When you think about politics you feel and if you follow those feelings to their conclusions, you will heal what is bothering you in this life and your purpose will not only be fulfilled but enhanced to enable you to go beyond your life’s goals and accomplishments. I will add comments and suggestions attempting to look at a physical phenomenon and explain the nonphysical or even illusionary observations of a therapist. I am not a politician. I am a retired therapist and that is how this website is focused.


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