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Reality Creation

We create our own reality. Often people are put off by this statement. They say, "I know I don't create my own reality because I would never have created the life that I'm living!" It is probably true that they would never have consciously created the life they are living. If we merely created with our conscious intent, then reality creation would be very simple. The truth is that we generate our realities from our subconscious and unconscious levels with only limited input from the conscious level. Our beliefs, whether they are conscious, unconscious or subconscious, all hold certain vibrations. Those vibrations combine to form an overall vibration that then creates our reality.

To change our reality we must work on the subconscious and unconscious levels--just working on the conscious level is a bit like trying to paddle upstream against the tide. We can consciously affirm, for instance, "I am an abundant and worthy person," but if the subconscious belief is that we do not deserve because we are unworthy, then the reality will not change to reflect the affirmation--no matter how many times we utter the words. The majority of our reality is created from outside our awareness. The key to consciously creating reality is to become conscious and aware of our subconscious and our unconscious minds.


Flow of the Chakra System

With our thoughts and emotions, our feelings, we have created many possible realities, which exist simultaneous to our lives. Every time we have a thought we give it our life force and it comes alive as a potential reality. Combine the thought with an emotional charge and it becomes even stronger. Think of the thought over and over again and it is fed even more of our life force becoming even stronger. When a great deal of energy is given to a possible reality it downsteps from the realm of the possible into the realm of the probable and then, with more energy, it moves into the realm of the potential. In the next step the thought/feeling manifests into physical reality. We give a great deal of energy to our subconscious thoughts and feelings without our awareness. As a result they eventually manifest into our reality without our conscious input or awareness. By examining our subconscious and unconscious beliefs, we can find the possible and probable realities that wait to be manifested. We can then consciously reclaim the energy that we have been feeding to realities that we do not wish to create.

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