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Much as a gardener uses a trowel to separate and pluck out weeds, I use hypnosis as a tool to root out the emotional weeds that choke our creativity and growth. In a hypnotic state the threads (much like crabgrass runners of emotions) can be easily followed to arrive at the core beliefs buried deep under our conscious level of awareness. Once a core belief is unearthed, I begin the healing work. Using a synergy of wisdom, knowledge, intuition and natural healing abilities I tailor each session to best meet a client's needs. Since hypnosis creates a hyper-aware state, the client fully interacts in the process, rapidly gaining invaluable insights about Self.


Edward Rice has been practicing alternative healing work for over the past twenty five years and has created the Foundation for Multidimensional Studies for the further study of multidimensionality. Using hypnosis as a tool to create deep relaxation, Edward is a Master Hypnotist. He has also been certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and a Hypnotherapist through the National Guild of Hypnotists. He holds BA degrees in Psychology and Sociology. An empath, Edward has the ability to see and feel his clients' experiences as he works with them on the emotional level to heal body, mind and spirit. He currently resides and has a practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he is also writing a book on multidimensional reality and how it can be applied to everyday life.


My Path to Multidimensionality

For more then twenty five years I have been working in the field of alternative healing. Like most of my clients, I had experienced a childhood that seemed to be at odds with my most inner needs. My angers grew and festered within until I thought I would explode. By the age of eighteen I was wise enough to know that I had to do something, that I could not contain my anger much longer. Out of the desire to squelch my festering emotions I launched a spiritual quest of self-exploration and discovery that continues today. Fortunately, I found the power of self-hypnosis early in my search and I used it to sooth my rage and reach a state of equilibrium. Little did I suspect at that time that I had taken my first steps onto a path that would never stop unfolding before me.

As a child I had a mother who was quite an advanced thinker for her day, especially considering that she was brought up and continued to live in a small cow-town in Wyoming. I watched her as she searched to find her own personal spirituality, sometimes accompanying her when she attended the Spiritualist and Unity Churches, and watching in awe as she practiced yoga. I borrowed some of her books by Edgar Cayce, C.W. Leadbeater and Dion Fortune before I went on to find my own books as I searched for a solution to my anger and rage. At first, to be quite honest, I was really looking for a way to use occult power to channel my enraged emotions. But, instead, many other choices opened to me through books. Today books remain among my favorite teachers, especially those by Rudolph Steiner.

In the 1970's my mother began a career as a hypnotherapist and, once again, she sparked my imagination and I began to consider the possibility of helping others. I knew from my experiences with self-hypnosis that the subconscious and unconscious minds held a powerful key to our emotional well-being. I wanted to help other people change their lives and I knew that hypnosis had worked for me.

After training in hypnosis I began my practice over twenty five years ago. Clients came to me because they were unhappy in their jobs or their relationships and often because they were ill. Early in my work I discovered that there was a link between the physical body and emotions. I realized that our emotions can cause tension, blockages, pain and eventually sickness in the body. By zeroing in on body blocks and sensations I discovered that they could be traced back to the emotions that were causing them.

Soon I began using emotions as a sort of thread. By following the body sensation to the emotion that was causing it, we could continue on following that emotion to the first time that it had been experienced and stored in the subconscious mind. Most often the emotions would lead us to a childhood trauma or significant event. By diffusing the emotionally charged situation held in the subconscious mind, I discovered that profound healing would take place. Since following emotional threads often led to childhood experiences, I automatically began to explore the world of the inner child and began to realize the very important part the inner child plays in the emotions of the adult.

Sometimes following an emotional thread would lead a client beyond the current lifetime to a past life and in clearing the past life trauma we were led to the realms in between lifetimes. What I did not realize at the time was that I was beginning to tap into the most fundamental aspects of the multidimensional self. As I opened to new possibilities I came across thought forms with a life of their own, etheric implant devices, entity attachments, soul fragments, blueprints. Higher Self, Soul and Spirit were revealed and unseen friends, angels, guides, teachers, counselors were there to help. I learned that when body parts were asked questions, they would respond with intelligent information. Further, I explored the roles of our mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. All of these multidimensional aspects unfolded as I assisted clients to follow the threads of their emotions through the conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels.

Early in my learning process I came across the concept that we create our own reality from our thoughts and feelings. I immediately felt relieved and empowered. "If I am the creator of my life," I reasoned, "then I am not at the mercy of something or someone else. I can change my life!" For me it was a revelation of the highest order and immediately I set out discovering more about reality creation. I have changed my life and myself on many levels over the years and it continues to become easier and easier to make changes and create a life more in line with my ideal. It hasn't been as simple or as rapid as I had originally hoped. I continue to explore the possibility of creating reality with rapidity and ease and have developed techniques with this goal in mind. The Womb-Time and Alternate Birthing Techniques which I have evolved effect the deepest changes and most profound healings in short-term therapy that I know of to date. My passion is to understand the emotional body and how it interacts with the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

I strongly believe that a very important purpose of our human experience on Earth is to explore emotions and that our spiritual growth is directly tied to our emotional growth. Whether interested in spirituality or not, leading a rich and joyful life is dependant upon how we experience and handle our emotions.

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